"Helene Fischer Show": Quirky separation scene on stage causing excitement

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  • At "Helene Fischer Show" at ZDF, Helene Fischer and comedian Olaf Schubert play a separation scene.
  • During the recording of the show on 7 and 8 December, Fischer's separation from Florian Silbereisen was not yet known.

First, the message about Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen are separation, so the news of Fischer's supposed new friend, it Acrobats and colleague Thomas Seitel: Over the last few weeks, the community has often been surprised.

Now Fischer sees himself as knowing the whole separation scenario:

On "Helene Fischer Show", which is traditionally sent on ZDF on Christmas Eve, she played with comedian Olaf Schubert comic and half song relationship scene. There are scary many passages parallel to what the draft queen and her ex-hit king have recently been through.

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Helene Fischer talks to Olaf Schubert about the sex of reconciliation

After Fischer in her presentation raved about how sexy she thinks Schubert, he asked her tips on his break-up relationship with his long-standing girlfriend, Carola. When Schubert believes that the reconciliation section can kill the relationship, Fischer agrees. However, Schubert points out: "It was reconciliation sex – but not with me."

Was it a sign that Fischer – even though the separation of silver travel is not so long ago – has a new boyfriend – because of sex with another?

Shortly after, Fischer left another, singing, "She doesn't love you, she just doesn't love you." Should Silbereisen actually have seen the show at home, as some fans suspect on Twitter, he should have felt hit here last.

A spectator tweeted: "Florian turns off the TV and starts crying …"

Does Helene Fischer treat the separation of Florian Silbereisen in this scene?

But the scene didn't stop there: Fischer and Schubert came closer and flirted, but at the last minute Schubert pulled the emergency brake: No, Fischer cannot stand his success. He had to quit before the love story really started. Fisher tears followed.

"You get to know a new one," Schubert comforts the offended singer, "it can't be the same, not immediately – but I'm sure somehow, somewhere, one day"As Schubert continued to sing.

That "somehow, somewhere" was not so far away and Fischer was probably already recording the show in early December, Schubert probably didn't know when he was singing these lines. A bit surprising is that Fischer sang with a lively voice: "Don't worry about me, you know, I love life"Answered.

The theme of separation always plays a role in "Helene Fischer Show"

And in fact: Fisher was not very concerned about her break-up of silver travel – even though she did not lead her without trace. Then she said on another part of the show (and could barely contain her tears): "I think we all know how bad it is when a relationship comes to an end, when a lifelong dream fails. "

Shortly after, Fischer cuts the song "Give me your hand" – That, how could it be otherwise, by one separation is. It says:

"I won't cry when you're away.
I want to laugh because you were there
Because you filled me with love. "

"I want to laugh because you were there" – so maybe Fischer could perform a humorous separation scene despite the probably sad weeks: because they are the ones split time with silver tours especially positive.

Florian Silbereisen is the best judge if the performance was tactless

Their appearance testifies to professionalism and a healthy distance to their own history – so far the relationship with silver travel has also been very civilized. The prospect of the two hit stars still delivering a sludge fight, at present seems rather low.

Whether it was so tactful by Fischer, even before the separation was official, to perform such a scene, is likely to consider alone the Silesian.


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