Helene Fischer Show: peace, joy, pear Helene

adminDecember 26, 2018

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Many outfit changes, guests and stage effects – that is how Helene Fischer Show is known.

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High-gloss sound from the Schlager-Pop archive, daring from the acrobatics coffin and love, love and even more love: Helene Fischer withdraws at the end of the TV year.

Fans of Germany's most successful entertainer eagerly await their favorite flat screens, powered by fischer separation news. Between Kiel and Zurich, the question marks rise. Will she or will she not? Does Helene Fischer not help the I-ha-not-get-silver-iron-more-in-fire pants in her year-end gala in early December? Or is Florian Silbereisen and his blonde ex going across the stage in the Düsseldorf exhibition hall one last time in "do-do-not-so-mode"? And what is the new lover Thomas Seitel doing? Retrieving the acrobat and the apparently new man in Helene Fischer's life rain purple cupcake confetti from the hall ceiling?

To put it in advance: neither ex nor new play a role in the TV's most lavish exclamation point. Both men are not present – even at Hele's hand or over the head heights that swing. Helene Fischer Show is about Helene Fischer – and of course her many guests from all areas of the entertainment industry.

Italo-heartbreaker Eros Ramazzotti makes the start

Lulled into a Peace-Joy-Pear-Helene-Marathon concept, a show trailer after the other stumbles from the backstage area to the impressive-fueled and dazzling show scene. The first is Italo-heartbreaker Eros Ramazzotti, followed by Kelly Powerhouse Maite and "Despacito" hip-joint Luis Fonsi.

Together with Helene, guests give full gas. Everyone preaches love and applauds wildly in the rhythm of narcotic sounds from the Eurodance-meets-Schlager-meets-Foxtrot-Pop-Hell. Of course, there is always a lot of sport going on between the consistently recognized four-chord audio game from the retort. Of course at the forefront: Main player of the evening.

The blanket every 10 minutes in a new outfit hatch Helene Fischer does – and everyone else is after. Whether as a camouflage gymnast, in the bold Cirque-du-Soleil mode or as a well-trained ballerina music box: The good Helene has everything and is seconds after each performance again with a calm pulse and without sweat on the powder pan.

Life is not a birthday birthday

Together with her genre colleague Michelle, Helene loves the ballad work Peter Maffay ("So you are"). Everyone loves each other and forms hearts with their hands. But Helene now knows: Life is not a birthday party. Seems to be still impressed by a summer in case-but-something-what-focus, the singer comes out as a # wirsindmehr supporter and wants tolerance and love for everyone. Applause, applause! Even fans of Toten Hosen clap their hands at home.

Also happy that the mattress acrobat Luca Hänni, rainbow DJane Kerstin Ott, comedy veterans Martin Schneider and Olaf Schubert, as well as street magic icon Farid and Kiefer "Jack Bauer" Sutherland, who shortly before the final, quickly developed their eager sense of melancholy country -Harboring proves.

After a three-hour smooth jogging with lift music, "super talent" acrobatics and I-Love-you-all-continuous announcements, the imaginary recording feature in front of the home screen is already flashing in the dark red area. But there is still room for one last "highlight". Seconds before the final competition from the confetti cannon, the straightener, Paola, whispers the following words in the golden microphone: "Helene, for me you are the firm star in the show heaven". Amen? Amen! Well, that's good. Where is the remote control?

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