"Helene Fischer Show": Martinek's son oppresses the audience – Berlin

adminDecember 26, 2018

Now he is one of the biggest!

At school, Philias Martinek (13) "The Voice Kids" star is being bullied by his classmates because of his size (1.40 meters). Hopefully it will be over! With Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer (34) he sang a duet on Tuesday in "Helene Fischer Show" (ZDF).

Philias is the son of actress Xenia Seeberg (51) and TV star Sven Martinek (54). Already at the recording, Helene and Philia called the audience with the ballad "All of Me" by John Legend for tears. For the Berlin student, the performance is unforgettable.

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Berlin student with parents Xenia Seeberg and Sven MartinekPhoto: Getty Images Entertainment / Getty

Philias to PICTURE: "I felt very honored to be allowed to sing with Helene Fischer. I loved how many people I seem to have touched with my song. Someone had tears in my eyes. I could see it from the scene."

Will his classmates do the same? "I myself was bullied a lot at school for a while because I am much shorter than the other kids, my age," says Philias. The topic of bullying is also in his first song "Stop Bullying – Time to Shine", which he has just released. "I want to use this song to encourage other children being bullied!"

Philias suffers from a growth disorder that cannot be treated. Means: In his growth he is two years his age child. Not the only cause of bullying. "The other guys called me mother's son because I still like to snuggle with mom and kiss her."

Now he is singing in front of an audience of millions!

How does it feel? "Great! So finally, everyone will see that I can do it big, even when I'm small."

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