Helene Fischer: Pronunciation with Thomas Seitels Ex

adminJanuary 7, 2019

After separation from Florian Silbereisen, Helene Fischer looks into a future with Thomas Seitel. Now she is said to have spoken to her fiance to her new one. However, insiders do not prophesy of the relationship.

Helene Fischer (34) and her dance partner and air acrobat Thomas Seitel (34) are, according to insiders, the new couple in the heavens. While her fans still treat her break-up with Florian Silbereisen (37), Helene tries to build her new relationship. According to "Bunte", she is said to have spoken to Thomas Seitel's fiance Anelia Janeva.

Fiance is "double disappointed"

As Seitel, his ex-partner worked as a dancer for Helene Fischer. The couple allegedly broke their engagement a few weeks ago – after nine years of relationship. A Forsaken's friend tells "colorful": "When Thomas broke down with Anelia, he didn't tell her he fell in love with Helene. After all, Anelia worked for Helene. Now that she knows the truth, she is doubly disappointed, by Thomas and Helene. "

Insiders doubt the future of the relationship

Then Helene would have talked to her. This should also be in the sense of the dance crew, as this, according to the magazine's information, is a "sworn group". But the cooperation has become love, according to insiders raising several problems. It is difficult for sources to find out that Thomas Seitel is on Helene Fischer's salary. Even his past behavior, deactivating his Instagram account, let her conclude that he is unable to handle the pressure.

In addition, Helene's label wants to avoid loud "colorful" information "in any case" that the fans Helene separates and the new love of Seitel resets. (EUC)

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