Helene Fischer: Marriage for all "completely normal"

adminDecember 30, 2018

It is a message that comes alongside hostages taken by immigrants, terrorist attacks or rape from the immigrant environment just right: The commitment to homosexuality. Therefore, the current performance of pop singer Helene Fischer is called "beautiful and spectacular". But not only because of her well-known songs, but because she went on stage with lesbian songs Kerstin Ott to put a sign of more tolerance and "marriage for all".

Marriage for all ordinary?

If you read reviews of their previous performances, Helene Fischer still seems to be the top star in the hit song. But to keep it that way, blonde songs have come up with all kinds of ideas to spread her fan base as far as possible. It was not Luca Hänni or Eros Ramazzotti, who supported them in the limelight, but only a robust singer from Schleswig-Holstein, who has been officially married to his partner Karolina since last year. The two travel two children.

But with the song "Rainbow Colors", the two women took a political message to the scene that did not please everyone: "He and he, two parents who bring their child to the kindergarten, they and they now have the same ring, all normal".

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