Helene Fischer lures millions in front of the TV with show

adminDecember 26, 2018

Helene Fischer remains a quota guarantee on television. One of five TV viewers watched the pop singer's show on Christmas Eve. The transmitter competition had no chance.

"The Helene Fischer Show" again gave the ZDF victory on the first Christmas holiday. The pop musician's three-hour music exhibition, where she received guests such as Paola Felix, Eros Ramazzotti and Florian David Fitz, saw an average of 5.73 million people. This corresponded to a market share of 19.5 per cent. From the so far eight Helene Fischer shows since 2011, it was the fourth best audience.

The TV competition had little chance at "Helene Fischer Show". In the second half of the season from 8:15, the first came with his TV thriller "Murder Commission Istanbul: Operation in Thailand" with Erol Sander. In third place, RTL came in with 2.63 million viewers (8.6 percent) for the animated movie "Pets" in 2016. Fourth, ProSieben with "James Bond: Skyfall" in 2012 and 2.37 million viewers (8.0 percent ),

Behind it was the comedy "Kevin – Alone in New York" on Sat.1 with 2.22 million viewers (7.3 percent), the criminal class "Miss Marple: 16:50 from Paddington" on Cable as with 1.71 million 5.6 per cent), the war movie "Pearl Harbor" in 2001 with 1.16 million (4.1 percent) and the comedy "Night in the Museum 2" of Vox 2009 of 0.81 million (2.7 percent).

Pop star Helene Fischer: One of five TV viewers joined her. (Source: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd)Pop star Helene Fischer: One of five TV viewers joined her. (Source: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa)

After all, every eighth case "Sissi"

In the afternoon and early evening, the new ARD fairy tale film "The Fairy tale of the Regentrude" (2.54 million / 17.0 percent from 14.50 clock) and Romy-Schneider costume romance "Sissi, the young Empress (2, 55 million / 12.6 percent from 17.30).

ZDF with the free TV premiere of the 2015 recovery "Heidi" with Anuk Steffen and Bruno Ganz switched from kl. 17.15 to 2.16 million (11.1 percent). The federal president's Christmas group looked at the ZDF at 19.10 at 3.05 million (13.2 percent) and in the first of the ARD at 20.10 clock 4.05 million (14.6 percent).

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