Helene Fischer kissed her Thomas Seitel months ago?

adminJanuary 11, 2019

An employment relationship came into being: Helene Fischer and air acrobat Thomas Seitel came into contact with each other in September last year.

Helene Fischer (34) floats on the cloud Seven: Schlager Queen announced in December, while Florian Silbereisen (37) was separated to get a new friend. According to insiders, this is Berlin air acrobat Thomas Seitel (34), who has been floating across the stage regularly since 2017 with the "breathless" star.

Near 17,000 people

When Fischer and Seitel became a couple, it is not known. Fans are now wondering if the singer and her stage partner were already tearing in September last year: On an old recording of one of their concerts to see how they kiss in the air shortly. The clip, taken by a spectator, comes from the show September 4 in the Berlin Mercedes-Benz Arena. Spicy: At that time, Fischer was still officially with Silbereisen. "Look carefully, do you see that Thomas Helene gives a kiss? Who else looks at?" Writes the tab that recorded the video on Instagram.

Fischer and the Seitel hover, who are close to the air, are approaching each other – whether they are really secretly kissing in front of 17,000 people, is barely recognizable in the video. The fan camp is divided into Instagram: "You just have to look in slow motion. As you can see the kiss," writes a user. "He gave her one, about the other of six," confirms a follower. ridiculous, another fan criticized, nor do I see a kiss, a user says. (KAD)

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