Helene Fischer: BUNTE knows: Florian Silbereisen didn't want the separation!

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Shortly before Christmas Helene Fischer (34) posted on Instagram one of the new black-and-white photos from the fashion magazine "Vogue", which she is unadorned and which she liked so much, in addition a red heart and the words: "Love is the light that dispels I love you so much, get to know your goal. "The many fans of SanGerin ("Breathless", last year, she took a storytAnnual revenue of 28 million euros is eighth in the world's top ten seedlingsncoagulating) probably thought that it was one of her romantic messages, which she liked to share with her langjäBhis partner Florian Silbereisen (37) dedicated. But BUNTE knows the background. The love words she wrote to her new friend, the acrobats and TänThomas Seitel (34) with whom she secretly dated for a few weeks – and forr they look for übhe ten years ago by ARD presenter and Sängives (Clubb3) Florian Silbereisen has divorced. A stroke. So far only a few knew that this love failed. BUNTE knew gerü for a few weekschte üba possible crisis from the environment to Florian and Helene, but you just didn't want to believe this couple actuallycare going to each other. EndgülThe separation took place in October. A sad news at the end of the year.

Now came a joint video of Helene and her new friend. The puncture point: For already eleven months ago the two came together. Convince yourself in the video above!

"We were very sad, too"

As BUNTE Florian Silbereisen responds to breaches of the relationship, existthe ends this lastlTake a step and say, "A breakup is always sad, and we were very sad too. WABgo back in the last few weeks übHe was wondering at an upcoming wedding, we were laughingnseparated. " It is important for him to explain the separation to the people who have followed him and Helene for so many years of affectionrThat's why he wrote BUNTE an email with very personal words, even protecting his ex-boyfriend and his new boyfriend. A sign of sizeße, because BUNTE knows he didn't want to break up.

Helene Fischer and her Florian, which she always hasractually called "my dear" or "flo" (he called them proudly in bavarian "my ma."del "), was considered a dream couple in the often superficial show business. Both successful, both attractive, hardworking, ambitious and down to earth, with a great heart and feel of their families and fans. Hele's parents Maria and Peter Fischer sat regularly with Florian's mother Helga Silbereisen in their television programs or concerts, including siblings, nieces and nephewsgand schatzen with each other. Common holidays belonged to Fischer / Silbereisen to live together.

In ten years, Helene and Florian have appeared together numerous times in public. Your last joint look you see in the video below!

One feels that Florian did not feel good because he lost his great love. Friends tell BUNTE that he was "very sad in weeks". In May, the entertainer in Hamburg was watched by the jeweler Tiffany, when he bought Helene a jewel for the anniversary; He had given her two diamond rings (birthday and anniversary) many years ago. In 2019, especially the private large-scale project Hausumbau In 2017, Helene and Florian found their dream property in Bavaria am Ammersee. He took care of the demolition and rebuilding of the old property on the property for several months, now the second building should begin. The two fans toor 2019 is also expected with a wedding and / or a baby.

She encounters her statement

Instead, Helene claimed the fans with a statement: "As sad as it is that we could not realize our lifelong dream together, and Florian and I now go in different ways as a couple, the betternhe and more vigorously break new ground from this bitter experience as friends! We have given ten years of respect, unconditional coherence, harmony, loyalty, friendship and love, and this is reflected in our separation. We go here as friendsrLet's go out and don't let the media themselves block our way or play against each other. Nothing and no one can shake ustyou! "

Also übHe talks about his new love: "We have been divorced for a while, we haver But we must also sort out the situation firstsAnd it takes time, because even though love is sad, you don't just throw a meaningless relationship after ten years. But yes, it's a new man in my life, and I don't want a secret about it. The more important and betterBrendering is toor to see me, with what sizeße Florian treats it! I'm not just for thatr grateful for ten wonderful years, but now grateful to know such a friend in my life. That time heals the wounds and thus the peace of mindr those who come back worriedcstay, wünI love myself with all my heart! Now everything is open and honest, and now I can only hope that the shock will eventually be a joyr our all luckcK converts. I can only say from the bottom of my heart: Thank you, Florian, forr !!! everything "

He left his girlfriend to Helene

It remains to be assumed that Helene and her new friend Thomas übhe smiles on holidayscwas more civil than Florian, after all, she has given her heart new and surely just breathless before Glück. Thomas Seitel, who lives in Berlin, hasr Helene his langjäBrich LebensgefäBleft Anelia Janeva. She works as a makeup artist, Tanzerin and photographer. Most pictures, Thomas Seitel with naked, well-trained Oberkörper or sympathetic smilecHeln and three days beard, photographed his ex-boyfriend. Anelia belongedralso joined Team Fischer and posted on Instagram. GLUcKwunskitchen toor Helene at the start of her live tour or a big thank younbecause they make upr Helene Dancer (inside) was allowed to make. There is now silence between the two women, "Anelia has been crying bitterly since the breakup with ThomasnShe is incredibly disappointedudeleted " develops raBRUN BUNTE from the close environment to the attractive red-haired Bulgarian.

Besides Thomas Seitel, his ex-girlfriend Anelia Janeva also belonged to Helene. She was in addition to makeup for photography show responsible for example for the image in the following video. Thomas came closer and closer to Helene – and ex had to see everything. You can see the pictures here:

naturerFlorian Silbereisen also knows Thomas and Anelia, when he often accompanied Helene at her concerts. Placeta lot of love comes outr Outside is completely überraschend. There was nothing to suggest that Helene and Florian suffered. Both have worked extremely hard in 2018, but music, shows and performance are forr The desire and passion, both gave each other strength, visited each other again and again at concerts and television programs. RegelmäßHelene was top guest at Florian's ARD show, much to the delight of her and his fans.

There were many tears flowing

After all: From Heles environmentrI'm glad she didn't make the separation easy, that many tears had flooded. The petite German-Russian is known for itrto protect her privacytzen, but when they are in the officeBne or vilBduring one of their TV showsbhe her private glück äuIt was about her parents, her beloved children, and her Florian. "He's my dream, surely. His whole being, how he deals with a woman – he's a very nice person," she said.

During her performances, Helene will be relieved of her international dutiesnzern and their bandtEven Thomas Seitel, now her new boyfriend, was already a KünHe flew with her through the air. It gave birth to Hesse (from the nearbyBe of Frankfurt) is one of the most successful air acrobats in the world, his main plug is beside Strapat – a band as wide as a regular car belt, where he had a monopolynand flying through the air. It studied the sports researcher (he has already trained as a teenager at the Olympic Fitness Center in Frankfurt) and McFit-Model has worked fornF years as an established Künartist z. For example, in Dubai, China, Canada and Switzerland, he received his acrobatic Polish from one of the world's best coaches, Victor Fomine, in Montreal, home to Cirque du Soleil.


Helene Fischer Show 2018

Helene Fischer
Where was her Thomas? In her Christmas exhibition she shone all alone

What a show! Helene Fischer again delivered fireworks with her eponymous TV show. But the hit star and his wonderful deposit were (of course) in the background this year. Everyone had been waiting for the first pictures of Helene and her new friend Thomas Seitel after love – and were disappointed.

Helene Fischer also worked forr her live tour 2017/2018 with part of Cirque du Soleil since then belongsrt Thomas Seitel as an integral part of Heles 20 TänBut that is especially important forr their performance. In a TV interview with Hessischer Rundfunk (HR)BSeitel in January 2018: "You must work against gravity and also against centrifugal force, for example if you get fast now. And especially here is my job to fly a duo with Helene on the straps, and then she has some straps in her hand, but then I have seized her and her safety, and at that moment I'm just too toor responsible for two lives. " BUNTE has often seen the two swirls live through the air, without securing ropes without nets, in 15 meters highBe and you have itlt the air.

Before Helene's lifetime spent the two-month exercise intensively, at least eight hours a daygLich. In an interview with HR erzBTitle übHe started his first flight on the plane just over half a year ago: "Everything went really well and she came down and looked at me and said," Wow, it's just you and it's so much fun "and that was in principle forr me the knight at the moment. I told her, "I'm for itr There, you look good, and übHe doesn't need me to worry about what I'm forr where she is safe and everything goes smoothly with heru"He also says," Remember your chest is vibrating when she sings, it's very impressive and yes, we have a lot of fun in the air. There is also a lot of respect there. "

Helene as a prime mucki ballerina you can see in the following video:

Fine Ballerina Mucki! The singer dances in the tutu - but here everyone just looks at her arms "width =" 820 "height =" 463


© TOBIAS BLACK / AFP / Getty Images, Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa; BUNTE.de

For the second time fell in love with the job

When the love of work became love, probably only the two know. Helene had also known and loved Florian at work. In May 2005 (at that time still völUnknown) pop singer her first major TV appearance of the ARD program by Florian Silbereisen, three years later they made islandfthat they are lovers, every oner So put on a significant career. When Florian Silbereisen started the ARD sequel to the great Carmen Nebel in February 2004, he was just 22 years old – and at once he achieved a record high (6.74 million viewers), laughnIf he has his vorgnclause übhe gets and inspires more and more – especially young – spectators forr hit the song. His heart project is his own hitband Klubbb3, which he has already released two number one albumsfpublished.

EarlyBe childhood desire, a day of music and entertainmentBIt is certainly one of the qualities that Helene and Florian have come to expectrcreated each other. In addition, both the zodiac signs Löwe (he has a birthday on August 4, she at 5.). Both knew what the other person was doing and had full stewardshipnDNIS for the many works, travel, sewingchte in the hotel.

Helene replied in November 2018 in "Vogue" to the question of whether she had already danced as a child: "Yes, yes, I couldn't keep quiet. My parents still say it today. There are pictures and videos of me that I really am a little boy on, and I have always disguised myself and have always had it to be someone else. "Even Thomas Seitel said oneBGeneral: "This sport is simply my life content, he fülMiss me completely and I can't imagine how it is without him. " His grandfather Arthur (89) and his father Günther (66) were top gymnasts in the home gymnastics club, übFirst, the family was important to him, she gave him "eartheness" – a parallel to Helene and also to Florian.

These words give a whole new feeling

By the way, Helene Fischer says a few lakes in "Vogue"tZe, with knowledge of the separation of Florian and the new beginning with her Thomas Platota new meaning. "I have no concrete plansne forr the coming year and will also take some time on purpose to just listen to me, where i want to go and what to docThe first steps are. I feel my cards were mixed and thrown once, and now I have to see what I do about it. "

Last year Helene had a beautiful FloriannDedicated to Ballad on her new album. "Love me when I don't deserve it." With all the bugs no one else sees. Love me when I don't believe in it. Because I need it most then. Love me when I can't. "Florian loved Helene.

Now she flies with Thomas through the halls and sings another hit: "Can feel my heart, feel yourself in me. When I'm down, you'll always come up with something … Be ready. Just with you, I'd like to see The world from above, just me, I want you to stand at all summits … "

Florian told BUNTE that he and Helene had become friends. Whether this succeeds so long after the separation actually in the long run, both know only likely to reach the wounds has finally healed.

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