Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel: First private couple photo appeared – she smiles on it

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Helene Fischer and her new friend Thomas Seitel have not yet published themselves as a couple. But now there is a new picture that shows her privately.

Update from December 27 11:53 AM: Common pictures of Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel were of course already available. After all, he worked as an artist in the stage scene, and the two were already in contact with each other professionally.

This muscular acrobat is Helene Fischer's new friend.

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Meanwhile, the very first private couple picture has emerged. The RTL format "Exclusive" has dug it out. And showed it shortly after the love trip in a TV function that is still available at tvnow.de. Immediately after about 30 seconds, the recording can be seen there. RTL speaks of "blurred images" in the majority – it seems to be one or the same thing, or it was pressed in milliseconds repeatedly on the trigger.

Video: That's why "Helene Fischer's Show" took place without Thomas Seitel

The picture (or pictures?) Is very blurry, but both Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel are clearly visible. The picture or pictures were taken a few days ago at an airport in Finland. Helene Fischer had a gray sweater. And: she smiles. Incredibly wide. She looks happy. Will there be more pictures of this type soon?

Helene Fischer does not have a new girlfriend on her show

Update 25 December at 22:25: At "Helene Fischer Show" at ZDF, her new partner Thomas Seitel did not arrive – but you could quite ambiguously interpret some scenes on the ZDF show. The program was already registered in early December. Were these moments about Fischer's hidden love messages for the two men?

Thomas Seitel: Statements of Helene Fischer against puzzles – but the appearance reveals a lot

Update from December 23 at. 10:48: The reports on the separation between Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen as well as their alleged new friend, Thomas Seitel, also have Hessian broadcasting heard. And moved in his TV archive.

Thomas Seitel on "Hello Hesse".

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it HR has found a find: As of October 30, a relaxed conversation by Thomas Seitel in the show "Hello Hesse", HR has now been online. The video is only 66 seconds long, but much of the conversation about his job as an artist in Helene Fischer's stage show leaves a deep impression.

"It's a huge honor" to keep Helene Fischer in his arms, thrilled Seitel, "and it's a lot of fun, I have to say it honestly," he smiles. "In any case," she is an absolute professional, he says after 70 joint exhibitions.

"We as acrobats were tired at some point, she pulled it hard every night, for at some point you just understood how professional she is." The moderator adds, "And she also looks good. Can't sweep under the blanket." Thomas Seitel says nothing at all. He just nods with a creepy look. "That's how it is, yes," he recalls. His swarming gaze speaks volumes.

Interview with Thomas Seitel: "Was Florian ever ready to jealous?"

Afterwards, the scene is a big mystery: Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen had confirmed that the breakup was a while back. The "Hello Hessen" performance of Thomas Seitel is from October 30th. Were the two already a couple?

The next question about the moderator seems the more bizarre. "Was Florian Silbereisen, her friend, ever jealous when you both get so close?" What happens in Thomas Seitel's head right now? Anyway, his answer is professional: "No, so of course it is all an employment relationship, what we have there. Of course she must get close to me in the air because she does not want to fall off and I do not want her to fall off. That is why it was needed for us to come so close. It was so much fun. "

Either way, the employment has gotten more. And Thomas Seitel didn't just come near her on stage …

Update from December 22, 14:48: "Almost no one knows …": There is a new spicy revelation to Thomas Seitel.

Helene Fischer is Neuer once asked for gay magazine

Update from December 22 at 12:25 pm: Two days after the announcement by the Schlager drummer Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer became more bizarre details about Helene Fischer's new friend, Thomas Seitel, is known.

Most fans already know that Helene new on television once put 82 underpants on each other. Even more surprising: Thomas Seitel once published for the gay magazine Feedhow picture He was featured on the front, and in a 13-page "fashion spread" in the sheet, which shows a lot of skin. The video for revealing shooting is available here:

Opposite image "Mate" editor Felix Just (31) raved about Helene Fischer's new friend: "Thomas was one of the coolest guys we have had in front of the camera in recent years. We got him suggested by McFit Models, with whom we worked very much long. "

Video: Not everyone is excited about Hele's new love

The then Art Director of Feed, Marc Majewski (29), supplemented picture: "We wanted to show fashion to a casual guy. Thomas was perfect for that!" The magazine has no sexual content. So it doesn't matter if the person on the cover is gay, straight or bee. To a renewed debate on a possible gay friend, as in Florian Silbereisen, Helene Fischer must do it with his new, so no worries.

Mate Magazine is not exclusively aimed at gay readers. The site describes the target audience as follows: "Mate man is in his early thirties. He lives in an urban environment and mostly in a relationship. He likes to invest in luxury products, travel and mobility. He dreams of Lamborghini and rides his bike to work. "

About Helene Fischer does this video know Thomas Seitel?

Update from December 21st, 10.33: Who is the man who could hit his head so hard on one of the world's most sought after women? What does Thomas Seitel have, what others don't have? These questions are presented by numerous fans. Now a video has appeared showing Seitel 2010 how "Vox.de " reported. During his time as a sports student at a German sports study in Cologne, Seitel worked for two and a half years as a student assistant and several times as a protagonist in front of the camera acquaintances. During this time, this video was created as Helene Fischer's new may possibly regret.

In the recording you can see the successor to Florian Silbereisen in front of a fast food tray, which he gradually plugs into it until it stops. "I don't like it anymore. Chewing is no longer pleasure. Not even swallowing. I'm happy when every slap hits the bottom of my stomach," he complains. Here you can watch the video.

Everyone wants to find out more about Helene Fischer's new friend Thomas Seitel – but that's a problem

Update from December 20th at. 4:16 p.m.: It's probably this year's separation: After Wednesday, Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen revealed that they haven't been together for a while, is the Internet leader. Helene Fischer also announced that she already has a new girlfriend. Of course Helene is wondering about her fans: Who is the new man to Helene Fischer?

However, their fans have a problem with the research: It is speculated in various media reports that Thomas Seitel, acting as an air acrobat with Helene, has conquered the heart of the 34-year-old.

So a name is known to fans to search online. But this cannot be found in the social networks, he has apparently deleted his complete profile, which was recently online. Even his site is private. Links that led to his previous profiles running into the void. Apparently, Thomas Seitel has pulled out completely, the speculation he has not yet expressed.

Are the hostilities that the acrobat has been exposed to since it was known to blame it? Among other things, during Heles latest Instagram post, nasty comments like "Thanks for the new one, you had so fast after him" are reading.

Is Thomas Seitel Helene Fischer New Friend? Mayor expresses himself

Update from December 20, 2018, 17:25: The entire community Eppertshausen in Hesse is not yet surprised, because Eppenhausener Thomas Seitel is the new man to the Helene Fischer site. Even Mayor Carsten Helfmann commented op-online.de * in an interview with the most prominent child in the city.

Helfmann cannot answer the question that currently interests all of Germany, namely whether Thomas Seitel really is Helene Fischer's new girlfriend. But he would be happy about it: "If they are together, I will treat it to Thomas. He is a sympathetic club man and a great guy," says Helfmann.

The city's top even knows Thomas Seitel in person. When the grandmother or grandfather of the acrobat celebrates his birthday, the mayor comes and congratulates. "Then Thomas comes home from the tours to attend the birthday." Helfmann can only say good things about Thomas Seitel: "He is a real Eppert house and family man."

Otherwise, the acrobat is not only known in the city since the rumors of the relationship with Helene Fischer, he is even in the Golden Book of the city Eppertshausen: In 2015, Thomas Seitel joined his laghessical teammate in gymnastics.

Helene Fischer: Curious anecdote about the new friend

Update from December 20, 2018, 14:40: What do we actually know about Heleses supposed new friend Thomas Seitel? According to information from pictureNewspaper, dancer and former gymnast will be 33 years old and live in Berlin.

What many may not know: He even comes in the Guinness Book! In 2008 he participated in the RTL TV program "Guinness World Records" and secured in a slightly bizarre way a place in the coveted Guinness book. His task is to draw as many pants as possible over each other. The 23-year-old managed 82 in just five minutes.

Helene Fischer's new friend: A successful career in the air

But Seitel devoted her life to gymnastics, her greatest passion since childhood. "I was hyperactive as kids and gymnastics was the only sport I came home tired of. My parents decided this was the right sport for me," he told an interview at the ARD show "hello hessen". For ten years, today's acrobat has performed in the first Bundesliga in Germany and France. In parallel, he studied sports science and journalism in Cologne.

Today, Seitel works mainly as air and silent acrobat and has great international demand. Among other things, he has appeared in Dubai, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, Holland and Switzerland. He is part of the 20-member tour crew of Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer. We already know the rest of the story …

Helene Fischer: Is this artist his new friend? Old interview raises questions

News from December 20, 2018, at 10.20: No one expected this message. Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer and TV star Florian Silbereisen officially announced their breakdown on Wednesday night. But as if the shock of love is not enough: The singer also announced to have a new man in her life.

According to information from pictureAvis, it is said to be the acrobat, Helene swirls in her shows at nine meters high through the air. His name should be according to the media Thomas Seitel.

Helene Fischer's new friend? That's what Thomas Seitel said earlier

Now, an interview with the artist has appeared, raising questions about his relationship with the singer. On October 30, Seitel participated in the ARD program "hallo hessen", the subject was his collaboration with Helene Fischer. At that time he was still talking about a "purely professional relationship" between him and the 34-year-old singer, who picture reported.

Thomas Seitel and Helene Fischer toured for a year together. They worked hard together and practiced difficult choreographies in the air. Asked by the moderator about Florian Silbereis sometimes jealous, Seitel said with certainty: "No, of course, everything is an employment relationship, what we have there, and of course she must get close to me because she doesn't want her to fall. And neither do I. "But as Helene and Florian explained in their respective posts on Facebook, the separation was a while ago. Had there been a spark between songs and dances in October?

Thomas Seitel on first repetition with Helene Fischer: "Be incredibly excited"

In the interview, Seitel also remembers her first repetition with Helene: "I still remember our first flight as if it had been yesterday. I was incredibly excited. After we were finished, she said," Oh, it feels light and good and on a way so obvious. ""

And at one point it actually became more than just a simple job. The first characters were perhaps already in the interview in October to find, because then the dancer was already dancing about Helene. When asked how it feels to hold the beautiful singer in his arms, he replied, "It is an incredible honor and it is so much fun. Imagine: 70 shows just to deliver, not just to do acrobatics, but also singing, dancing and still leading through the evening – she just pulled through every night tough. It just makes you see how professional she is. "

Thomas Seitel has not yet commented on today's rumors. Instead, both his Instagram account and his site are no longer available.

Helene Fischer: Is this artist his new friend? News from December 19, 2018

Munich – This message struck as a bomb: On Wednesday night it was announced that Helene Fischer and her long-standing friend Florian Silbereisen have split up. After ten years of relationship, the most famous couple in the German entertainment industry are no longer together. The 34-year-old hit singer, who will be watching TV on December 25, wrote on Facebook: "As sad as we could not realize our lifelong dream together, and Florian and I now go in different ways as a couple, the more beautiful And with more power, we break new ground from this bitter experience as friends! "

Helene Fischer: "It's a new man in my life"

Even more surprising than the separation of Florian Silbereisen: Helene Fischer has a new friend. In her statement on the social networks, the hit queen failed: "But yes, it's a new man in my life, and I don't want any secrets from it." It is even more affected for her to see how big Florian Sil is about it,

In addition, Fischer, Silbereisen, said, "they've been divorced for a while, but we've got to clear the situation for a while and it takes time, because even though love crawls, you're throwing a relationship not just after 10 years meaningless."

Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen have split up.

© dpa / Felix Hörhager

Even the 37-year-old Silbereisen meanwhile confirmed that Helene Fischer has a new partner. "If there are pictures of Helene with another man, then I will just make it clear that I know Thomas for a long time, he is a great guy, and I wish them both good luck," wrote the moderator and songs on Facebook.

Helene Fischer's new friend: Is it the artist Thomas Seitel?

loudly picture that meant Thomas Seitel. The Strap-on and stilts artist from Berlin is said to belong to 20-member tour crew of Helene Fischer and supports her in her dangerous and spectacular acrobatic deposits. He is the man who holds Helene Fischer in his arms during many performances while swinging on a steel cable through the air. Once confident, Seitel explained this in an interview with Hessian broadcastingHe was Heles "Stop and Her Security".

The website of Seitel was not available late Wednesday evening.

Video: Thomas Seitel – he should be Helene Fischer's new friend

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