Helene Fischer and friend Thomas Seitel: Fans look in old recordings the first kiss of the two

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Berlin –

It was the hammer news for pop fans last year, just before Christmas.

Helene Fischer (34) and Florian Silbereisen (37) are no longer a couple, Schlager's songs are now in a relationship with the dancer Thomas Seitel (read more here).

There are probably many fans who cut their old concert recordings, pictures and video clips to find out how long something has gone between Helene and her new one. After all, she and the dancer have been whirling through the air for a while, and now through life as well.

Acrobatic effort with Helene Fischer and her Thomas with kiss?

In any case, in the summer of 2018, the relationship between the two was not even official, at that time everyone still believed in the love between the singer and her Flori.

How her ex Florian Silbereisen is now revealed by friends (read here).

But now a Helene fan has posted old video footage of a concert from that time on Instagram when she arose in Berlin:

The short clip shows Helene and Thomas twirling the rope over the stage in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in an acrobatic effort. They nestle closely together, their heads go together and – do they taste? Lead your eyes to the entire audience, long before their relationship became public? And no one noticed the 17,000 people who fit into the arena?

Fan wants to have seen kisses between Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel

Anyway, the fan wants to see a kiss. "Look carefully, do you also see that Thomas Helene gives a kiss? Who sees it?" Is written in the post. "Or am I the only one and I just think so?"

The heavily blurred video was shot from a distance, the faces of the two dancers are barely recognizable. And a kiss? Just with imagination.

Still, some users agree with the Helene tab: "He gave her one, about the other of 16," someone writes in the comments. "Habs also seen," someone agreed. "Ah, yes, so I'm not crazy," replies the tab.

Close physical contact between Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel on the performance

Others are very skeptical, after all, there is little evidence of fansite for a kiss. "Where should she have given him a kiss," someone asks. Real proof? No.

After all, however, the video shows which body contact the two happened to. It seems obvious how much the job has brought the two closer.


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