Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen: He predicted the separation many years ago

adminDecember 30, 2018

Munich –

It was a break in the relationship just before Christmas that led to a stir in the hit world.

After ten years of relationship, Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen, the dream couple of folk music, have split up (read here again).

But a TV scene from 2012 now makes the rounds of social networks, and suggests: Helene's Now-Ex Florian Silbereisen made jokes in the "Spring Festival of Surprises" position that Helene will distinguish in 2018 by everyone.

Look at the scene on Youtube, which causes touch right now.

Words that seem almost scary today before today's events.


Singer Helene Fischer (middle) as stewardess, next to her presenter Florian Silbereisen (left) 2012 at "Spring Festival of Surprises".

In the three-hour program, the star of a sketch at that time becomes older with a photo editing program – so the next 20 years were simulated, the silver-gray hair became grayer, he got a shell and wrinkles, while the counter over the years continued to rise.

Helene Fischer experienced Show Backstage

"I very much hope that my loved one does not look at – otherwise she will split last, well, then 2018 by me," then Silbereisen released.

Helene also saw the show on stage with a camera on her. She laughed, waved, so smiling, "no, no." After the turn it was a peck, everything was fine. For six years.


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