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adminJanuary 10, 2019

Helena Costa Admitted in his blog to have been married. The ceremony, according to the release, took place in July in the civil registry, and could also happen in the church, without date provided. "I was never engaged in sharing my privacy on March 16, 2018. I like to live, to feel, and if after some photos are taken, I share, but always protect the privacy of those closest to me. Come to Bring a glamorous page to share photos and stories, I like to follow beautiful accounts that inspire and try to do the same with my account, to convey something positive. Annoyingly turns out to be a parallel work that requires a lot of time, but also gives me a lot of pleasure. "2018 was a year full of remarkable moments that happened to amazing things in parallel to terrible things. I didn't know if I'd cry if I had to laugh. With everything quieter I can share a good thing, a great thing, and I want to share many more! I was asked to marry after we had a year. of the civil registry. For the church is also part of the plans, but we still have no date because we want to do with time and taste every step because we, as you know (who follow me) through the stories and stocks in instagram, right now we are completing the new house wonders! ", wrote in the long text.

And he continues to explain the reason for such discretion: "He is not a public figure and wants to remain anonymous, it is in his right and I admire it very much! Everything I share beyond my work must be on my initiative or both. I feel very happy, I am happy and happy thank you for everything, for your support and for your messages, you are a great pillar of my life! I hope 2019 will be a year full of health and love for all of us, come and take care of us every day and thank you life! Make change for the better! Ps – I strongly recommend being engaged and committed! "

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