Heiner Lauterbach's adultery: "I always flinched when my wife answered the phone"

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panorama Heiner Lauterbach's infidelity

"I always flinched when my wife answered the phone"

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Heiner Lauterbach Jenny Elvers Heiner Lauterbach Jenny Elvers

Heiner Lauterbach and his girlfriend Jenny Elvers at a party in Cologne in November 1998

Source: pa / dpa / Horst_Ossinger

Heiner Lauterbach speaks openly about the fact that he has a "predisposition to alienating". However, he recommends that the page be skipped. He had "many people hurt", they also mean a lot of stress.

Sactor Heiner Lauterbach shows the notoriety. The 65 year old gives advice after his many experiences from the side jumps. "I've hurt quite a few people through cheating, women and men, I'm sorry," he told the magazine "Bunte".

From his "incredible times," he knew that stress begins as soon as the adultery is over: "You always have a bad conscience and always risk flying." The classics are that paper pieces fell out of their pockets or a little makeup on the collar, "In the old days there was no cell phone, there was a call on the landline, where you always flinched when wife replied.

For him, a double life was a deeply unsatisfactory idea. Despite his "disposition to cheat," he is a very familiar person and enjoys "this protection and harmony". If he is now faithful to his wife, he said, according to "Bunte" -not forgiveness.

Heiner Lauterbach

Actor Heiner Lauterbach is in June 2000 at the opening gala at the Munich Film Festival next to his wife Katja Flint. At this time, Paat was already nine years oldng officially separated

Source: pa / dpa / Volker Dornberger

In an interview with "Hello Munich" a month ago, he answered a similar question elusive: 1. FC Cologne, he was loyal for 59 years. Fidelity to a partner plays a certain basic role. "How important it is, everyone has to decide for themselves." Asked if the secret to a good partnership is not loyalty, he replied, "The secret to a good partnership is finding the right partner."

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The actor, who was born in Cologne in 1953, was already on stage for the first time at the age of 19. He began his cinema career in three erotic films of the "School Girl Report" series in the 70s. His breakthrough had Lauterbach with Doris Dörrie's hit comedy "Men" in 1985. He borrowed his voice as a vocalist known Hollywood stars such as John Malkovich, Richard Gere or Kevin Costner.

"We also headed for a quick triangle"

Private Lauterbach was married from 1985 to 2001 with actress Katja Flint. Her son was born in 1988, the couple divorced in 1991. From 1996 to 2000, Lauterbach was with actress Jenny Elvers. In 2001 he married Viktoria Skaf, both having two children, one son and one daughter.

Movie premiere "Cold Feet"

Actor Heiner Lauterbach marries his wife Viktoria Skaf in 2001 with whom he has two children

Source: dpa / Ursula Düren

In the book Nothing Happens, published in 2006, Lauterbach wrote not only about his relationship with Flint and Elvers, but also about his untouched life in that time. "When a woman made a special fairy-tale impression on Franjo (my friend) and me, we sometimes led to a" lively triangle ", or if we found two of them, the" variable foursome "," it says autobiography, including . And further: "Over time we found more and more joy in it. There was almost no handsome woman, my age (plus / minus ten) that I did not want to sleep with. When I think about how many weddings I have danced in, I become dizzy after that fact. "

He also admitted taking drugs, mostly LSD. In his life, he has tossed about 50 trips. He also talked about phone calls from horned husbands: "Stay where you are. We are right with you … we have mufflers on our guns," he was threatened. He also writes in his biography of his worst experience: He was 20 years old and spent months in an Indian prison. He had worried about four kilos of cannabis he wanted to sell in Cologne and Munich.

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