Heidi Klum: Betrayed by mistake? That's what Tom calls her private

adminDecember 29, 2018

Heidi Klum is not only in love – she is herself engaged! We already know she can't hold her fiancé Tom Kaulitz. But what do they call themselves when they are alone?

"Babe", "Love", "Dear", "Honey" – these are some of the ten ten pet names couples in the United States. Certainly, Heidi Klum (45) is one of his former partners – and was called. So we can imagine how Seal (55) or Vito Schnabel (32) called for or dabbed her. And what about Tom Kaulitz (29)? Since Christmas is the model and music engaged, the two speak German together. Is Heidi perhaps his rabbit and he loved? In the video above you will learn how the two call themselves – you will be surprised.

Indivisible since the spring

On December 24, Heidi Klum surprised us with a very special social media posting. Shortly before, she received an application from her beloved Tom Kaulitz – whom she was just so happy to accept. Where in love Heidi and Tom are and what his twin brother Bill says about the engagement, you will learn the following video:

About the commitment to brother Tom and Heidi Klum:


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