Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz are planning a million dollar party in Germany

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The place

As the American magazine "Life & Style" wants to have learned from a mysterious source from the couple's environment, Heidi should already have precise ideas about their now third wedding. Instead of shouting in her adopted home Los Angeles on her new love, the model plans a party in Rhineland-Cologne – near her home Bergisch Gladbach as follows: "She says it will be a love festival with all its relatives and the best German food like sausages, Schnitzel and beer as well as German traditions. "


Also parts of the guest list should already be leaked. As high-profile celebrities should not miss out on a glamor party, of course, American stars such as Gwen Stefani, Tim Gunn and Heidi's "Americas Got Talent" colleagues are invited to Simon Cowell and Mel B .. "She has never been as happy as with Tom" and just the new attitude towards life Heidi will celebrate in the best of the company. The particular companion of their past will have an unexpected surprise, the video reveals.

The ceremony

By the way, javascript wanted to tell the couple both in German and English, as everyone should understand what lovebirds have to say. In fact, the Law of Mercy – at least, the turtle ride in the public can judge – be very impenetrable. In addition, the informant learned that "Heidi found his soul mate in Tom and speaks continuously about how compatible they are and how perfect they fit together." While the GNTM model mom is still working on the right words, Tom has already completed her.


Also for the wedding dress, the usually best kept secret, the unknown insider will already have learned the first information. Will Heidi get into a bright dream dress the third time, or will she make it more informal this time? The answer is in the video.

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