Heather Locklear was placed on the 5150 suspension after having a & # 39; mental breakdown & # 39; – Hollywood Life

adminNovember 19, 2018

Heather Locklear has reportedly been placed in a psychiatric detention for the second time since June, after her therapist "determined" that she was having a "mental crisis". Here are the details of the break.

Oh no! Heather Locklear, 57, was placed in a psychiatric warehouse of 5150 after her therapist discovered that the actress had a "mental crisis", according to TMZ. On Sunday, Heather was at home when her lawyer and her therapist realized she needed help and called 911 to get an EMT. The actress was taken to the hospital and there is no updated information on her current status. The media says there are reports that Heather assaulted her boyfriend, but confirmed that the BF had not been in her home in days. The site added that there was no alcohol or drugs involved, and the call to the authorities was simply a health precaution.

Heather was first placed in a psychiatric warehouse in early June, when her mother called the authorities when she threatened to commit suicide. Then, a week later, she was arrested after crashing her car while she was very intoxicated and then attacked a policeman and an EMT who tried to calm her down. Then, six hours after she was rescued, she was rushed to the hospital after an alleged overdose. Then, a week later, she returned to the hospital after choking on her mother and threatened to shoot herself. After your stay in the hospital, the Melrose place Star checked into a 5-day rehabilitation center, but left after only two days of treatment. On her way home from the detoxification center, Heather bought a bottle of tequila and tried to leave in her Porsche. Later that night, the police responded to a disturbance call at Heather's house and when they tried to bring her in, she hit the officer in the face and kicked an EMT trying to tie her to a stretcher. More recently, the paramedic filed a lawsuit against the actress for the incident.

Heather's multi-dollar mansion has been considered a "danger" by the Ventura County Fire Department, due to all the altercations that have occurred in her home.

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