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adminJanuary 8, 2019

Malle-Jens Büchner's death is almost two months behind. His widow Daniela is still struggling with the big loss. She has received an affected Christmas gift from her daughter to help her over the grief.

Malle-Jens Büchner's death, † 49, November 17, 2018 shook the world. Just a short time after the diagnosis, the cult emigrant from "Goodbye Deutschland!" Succumbed to cancer. Too early, the popular reality star left life.

First Christmas without Jens

His widow Daniela Büchner, 40, slowly returns to life. Occasionally she shares in her Instagram profile private insights on the way back to the regular diet. The twins Jenna Soraya and Diego Armani, 2, try to be as good as possible.

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Of course, Büchners also spent Christmas together – and also comforted donation. “We're celebrating today. But differently, "Danni announced on Christmas Eve opposite" Goodbye Germany! "And submitted a Christmas beach photo.

Beautiful Christmas gift

Despite the sad circumstances, gifts could not be missed in this special year. One of them has specifically touched Danni Büchner: her daughter Jada, 14, has made a photo book that will get the best memories from the couple couple Jens. "One of my most beautiful Christmas gifts," writes Danni, and lets the fans catch a glimpse of the album (see video below). "Without you, I wouldn't be able to do all this," she adds.

The lines that the teenager has written to the heartbreaking images are particularly touching. "One day, somehow, we'll see you again," said Jada. "If you seek me, search for hearts, for I will live and care for you," is another spell. Special movement is the following wisdom: "In each tear is a drop of memory and with it a light that lives on."

The way back to life

Also by Frank and Elke Fussbroich, who were with Daniela and Jens Büchner in the "star's summer house", Malle-Jens widow has received a touching gift. The TV cult couple made a collage – and put on a shirt in style, which Jens Büchner had always wore.

Daniela Büchner works for normality. On Sundays she was with her twins at Faneteria, Fan Café in Palma de Mallorca, which she had operated with Jens. The picture decorated it meaningfully with a little heart.

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