"He was up to the end"

adminNovember 29, 2018

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This is the musical event of the week. Michel Polnareff will release this Friday his first 28-year-old album, badly baptized … "Finally!". If his fans, sailors, had the pleasure of applauding during the great trip he gave in 2016 across France, they could not listen to new songs since 1990, "Kma-Stra", which contained the now-cult "Goodbye Marylou". That is to say if the wait is great. But the admiral, faithful himself, assures himself that he has not put anything special about himself. This music, I did it for me. When I'm on the piano or guitar and composing something, that's what I liked. After, it's me to decide if I share orgasm or not Does he believe in the columns of Parisian. An interview without a filter or language of wood where the icon talks about his life in the United States ( I'm a little tired of Los Angeles ) addresses current political issues ( I support yellow vests. Their movement is understandable ) and look back on friendship with fire Johnny Hallyday.

"We rarely saw each other but we were very close"

While celebrating the 5th of December the first anniversary of losing rocks, Michel Polnareff reveals that he will not listen to the post-humourous album "My Country is Love," and tear more than a million copies. I will not. But the oversized sales are completely mrites. The loyalty of the audience is a beauty! I have always been a great admirer of Johnny since I first discovered him in 1960. It had also served me two kinds from my father. But to be honest, I did not know his posts Admits the interpreter of "Grandi's Passport". The two numbers of the French song still kept a beautiful friendship: We rarely saw each other but we were very close friendly. He was up to the end . A few months before Taulier's death, Michel Polnareff also supported his friend "in friendship" in his fight against the disease, through benevolent words and a archive photo.

"Johnny disappears was a shocking standard"

Today, Michel Polnareff says to himself sad by the great media package around the success of Johnny Hallyday : I am very friendly with Sylvie and David, David is a nice guy, right, very honest. It makes me feel like Johnny is a small picture, but I can not say I'm surprised. When I see who the others are . For his part, the admiral states that he took steps to avoid family damage around his legacy. Louka [son fils, ndlr] is and will be my heir. I think it's unthinkable that it's otherwise. The right to my work will be in order for delay logic for Danyellah and for him. It is completely protected He reveals. At 74, Michel Polnareff sometimes admits the inevitable. I think of it even when Johnny disappears was a shocking standard for me, she put a terrible blow on me. I think Louka, who needs me, as I need him. We became inseparable he concludes with caution.

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