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adminOctober 22, 2018

Although she has a waste of 24 inches (maybe smaller), Kim Kardashian still has her own insecurities when it comes to her body. But, Kanye West does not get it! – He loves every inch & # 39; of his wife!

You can never deny that Kim Kardashian, 38, and Kanye West, 41, do not support each other. Throughout their entire relationship, Kim has expressed his insecurities to Ye & # 39 ;, even when it comes to his body, which shows with confidence all the time. "Kim has confessed to Kanye many times that she is insecure about her body, which is crazy for him," says a source close to the couple. Hollywoodlife.com EXCLUSIVELY. "He really struggles with that because he thinks she is the most incredible goddess in the world."

Whether it's the open political opinions of Ye, or the sensual photos of Kim, both stars support each other no matter what. "Kanye constantly tells Kim how impressive she is, and points out that millions of people love her and follow her in all movements, but Kim's insecurities still remain," the insider admits. And, this is not something new.

"When they met for the first time, Kim never walked naked in front of Kanye, she did not even undress completely if he was in the room. But, she has overcome that at least, "says the source." When they used to sleep together, Kim always used to wear some kind of lingerie, something that covered her stomach or butt, which are the two areas she is most aware of. "

But, Kanye has always been his biggest fan. "He always tells her how beautiful and beautiful she is, and how he loves every inch of her." Over time, Kim has definitely learned to accept more of the skin she is in and childbirth has helped a lot. She tells us how powerful her body is and that it's not just a sexual object, it's a continuous struggle, but with Kanye's help, Kim is coming in. She's becoming stronger and stronger as a woman every day. "

Ye is a big fan of Kim's latest sexy photo session, in which she posed nude to model her new KKW Beauty Loose Powder Pigments. Kim presented the illustration of the campaign on Instagram on October 17. In a series of different shots, Kim poses topless in shots with male models. The new campaign, shot by David the chapelle, reviewed the rave reviews of the rapper, who tweeted his praise (as seen above).

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