"He had such a brilliant hand"

adminNovember 28, 2018

The goddess of Jade, who had recited a poem that moved hard at the funeral of his friends at Madeleine's church, trusted in this "
special day
December 9, 2017, but also at his last moment with Johnny.

I was there (in Marnes-la-Coquette) a few days before …
At the edge of the bowels, the French actor is struggling to recover: "
I was here and I said goodbye to him. And then I touched her hand. He had such a fragile hand … He sat. I told him I see you at Christmas. I wanted to believe it. And then three days later, Laeticia told me to come back. I went home and came back
"Sa Jean Reno, holding back his sobs.

The unexpected disappearance of Johnny was a shock to all his relatives, including Hélène Darroze: "
Sincerely, we were not aware we were not ready at all. And Laeticia less than anyone. We were all focused on saying "we must come to Christmas. You have a Merry Christmas, what? And above all we never thought it could happen that day
Explains Laeticias good friend in front of C8 cameras.

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