He defends himself against the evil advocates

adminJanuary 8, 2019

That not only women will be the victims of Bodyshaming, now Felix von Jascheroff, 36, had to learn. The GZSZ star has been offended again and again for its character in the past.

Felix von Jascheroff is called a fat man

Felix von Jascheroff bursts his collar. GZSZ loved ones are tired of the evil enemy he meets again and again on the Internet. Because hard to believe, but true: The 36-year-old was repeatedly the victim of Bodyshaming"The John Bachmann" actor was constantly accused of being too "Oily" our.

I'm constantly reading in some comments & Felix, you've become fat! & # 39; or "full of pummels" etc.,

the actor writes indignantly and adds:

Do you always have to look "perfect"? Or be like everyone else? I do not think so. Everyone is unique and responsible for themselves. Whether you spend a few pounds on the ribs or too little. As long as you are fine, it is just right! For my part, I have to fight now and then, but if you stay tuned, the goal comes in small but quick steps. In addition, I'm 40 for 4 years.

To the post, the series star added a new image, showing its well-defined upper body.

"You are just jealous"

Even the fans can't believe that Felix is ​​hidden by Jascheroff as too thick. They defend their favorite on Instagram:

spinnen but everything.

I'm confused … where's the fat again? Maybe in the hate's brain?

I don't know where people look fat there. I just assume that people are just jealous of you, that you feel comfortable in your body.

Maybe some hats just have their previous look in mind. Felix von Jascheroff started his career at "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" at a young age of 19, and at that time he was still quite thin. Over the past 17 years, his body has changed logically – but who is not?

Fortunately, the GZSZ star does not seem to take the nasty bullying attacks seriously.

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