HBO's Watchmen series presents an enigmatic first glance

adminOctober 15, 2018

Who watches the watchers, by the way? The title of Watchers, the iconic comic series of the late 80s by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, has raised a puzzle for a long time, since the group of superheroes in history does not have that name (although they did in the film adaptation of 2009 from director Zack Snyder). Instead, that word usually only appears in the comic in the form of a question posed by the graffiti of New York City: "Who watches the watchers?" Now, that same question adorns the title for the first look at the next HBO presentation. Watchers show, an Instagram post with a mysterious character in a police uniform and a yellow mask.

Watchers It's a story about the failure of superheroes. So, this central question poses a strong challenge to heroic myths: if the superheroes are supposed to be watching and protecting us, who is there to observe and protect them? Surely they could use some protection of their own; After all, the original story of Watchers begins with an investigation into why so many superheroes are being mysteriously murdered. The person doing the research is a superhero named Rorschach, whose business card is his facial mask filled with moving ink spots. In his open letter to fans explaining that this version of Watchers It would be different from previous stories, executive producer Damon Lindelof wrote: "Some of the characters will be unknown. New faces New masks to cover them ". So, although this yellow mask could be a tribute to Rorschach, it almost certainly belongs to a new character.

The yellow color, however, has its own symbolic rich lineage in Watchers. The most recognizable symbol of the series is a smiling face button stained by a drop of blood (intended to evoke the hands of the clock of the day of the final judgment and the idea of ​​losing childlike innocence, among other things).

As for the police uniform … when the Roman satirist Juvenal asked for the first time "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" ("Who watches the watchers?") Hundreds of years ago, it certainly did not refer exclusively to superheroes, but to all special classes of Persons charged with protecting the public. And the police play an important role in the original. Watchers history. In the comic, the reason why superheroes have gone out of fashion is that the police, enraged by the superheroes who stole their jobs, held a mass strike in the 70s, forcing the government to approve a project of anti-vigilante law.

Watchers is scheduled to hit HBO in 2019. Check out the first Instagram post below.

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