HBO hires the privacy coordinator at all shows to make sex scenes safer

adminOctober 26, 2018

HBO is taking welcome measures to make the sex scenes safer for the actors in all their programming.

The actress Emily Meade, who plays a sex worker who became a porn star in the drama series "The Deuce", prompted the change after he approached the creators and producers of the program to install a "defender of the sexual scenes ".

That's when the network brought Alicia Rodis, associate director of Intimacy Directors International, a nonprofit organization that wants to standardize a "high standard for addressing intimacy and sexual violence to prevent abuse and harassment." During the second season.

The pilot program was apparently so successful that HBO confirmed on Thursday that an intimacy coordinator will be present during all the moments of sexual intimacy of all his television series and movies in the future.

Meade said having an intimacy coordinator on the drama set about the porn business in the 1970s, which often features explicit sex scenes, is similar to having a doubles coordinator.

"When it comes to sexuality, which is one of the most vulnerable things for all human beings, men and women, there really is no system," Meade said in an interview on the network's website. "It has never been required for a person to be there to protect and provide experience."

The actress then explained that Rodis will intervene in a small but important way, such as giving something to an artist to cover his private parts, knee pads, mouth spray or flavored lubricant, etc.

"It's just having someone other than you to think about," Meade told Rolling Stone. "If you leave it on your own devices, you're just doing what you do in real life, and that's a problem if you do not want it to feel like it's real life."

Emily Meade on HBO & # 39; s

Emily Meade on HBO's "The Deuce"

Rodis consults with the cast and crew, analyzes the scripts to detect possible problem areas, sits down with the actors one by one and communicates their concerns to the director.

Its aim is to draw clear distinctions for the "sexuality between the characters and what is really happening between the actors", with the consent always in mind.

"I'm here to give a voice to the actors, especially the actors who feel they do not have one." And I'm also here for the producers, to make sure they know they're doing everything possible to make sure the equipment is safe "Rodis told the store." Here we are a year after #MeToo and Brett Kavanaugh sits on the Supreme Court. Donald Trump is our president. Now, tell me we do not need this, that we do not have a culture that still needs to be changed. "

The incorporation of an intimacy coordinator was so effective that the creator of the series, David Simon, has said he will not work without one.

HBO does not have exactly the best track record of scenes of a sexual nature, and many critics consider the network's penchant for nudity to be gratuitous. The network faced a significant backlash in 2015 due to a particularly brutal rape scene in the fantasy drama "Game of Thrones", which sparked a much-needed discussion about the depiction of sexual violence on the screen.

"If your team does not have an intimacy coordinator, at best, you may not be able to tell the story you wanted to tell," Rodis added. "In the worst case, there are actors who are being physically attacked."

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