"Having a relationship is a challenge" – The Television

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Vanessa Martins opened her heart to love in a recent interview with actor Rúben Rua, presenter of TVI's exclusive digital line, Bartender of Love.

The well-known blogger, who during the holiday season made peace with his husband, explained Marco Costa, after several months of separation, that he was not "a person given to flirtations", but rather "of long relationships" and who believes that people should Stay together as long as they feel good about each other.

"I think people have to be forever as long as they are happy. Having a relationship today is a challenge," says the 32-year-old digital influence, and gave the example of parental long-term marriage. "I've seen my parents upset often, [mas] they never gave up, "he said.

Being Reuben Rua, the interviewer, one of the presenters of another TVI program, First dates, the actor would also know something about the first meeting of Vanessa Martin's life. "I remember because I'm still talking to that person. I was 15 years old. We had friends in common. Then we would talk on the phone from home," remembered one of the authors of the blog "Frederica."

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