Have you divorced? Silvestre Dangond prepares the rumor with a video

adminDecember 26, 2018

Last week a video by Silvestre Dangond claims to be single during a presentation on The Jagua del Pilar (The Guajira). The recording was enough to speculate about the end of the marriage, but it was about a show more than the artist does on stage.

And then vallenato singer, who published December 24 a family photography with his wife Piery Avendaño and his three children Luis José, José Silvestre and Silvestre José, Want a happy Christmas for all their followers.

But this was not all. Wild Dangond to finish cleaning his wife's divorce with whom he has more than 15 years of relationship, he published a video in which he looks at his yacht in the middle of the "backdrop" on December 25, singing his latest single Regalame one night "and hugging his wife.

The marriage of Silvestre Dangond and Piery Avendaño is perhaps one of the most stable in the entertainment world, and therefore the video that went viral in networking and could deceive several followers of a separation was not considered valid to ensure that the artist was truly single because of the apparent flirting with a fanatic

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Even for this reason, Silvestre's live show is so special because he was still flying and throwing each other on stage It does not always mean that it is based on your personal life, but it is an "open mouth" for the song that comes or drives the fans crazy.

In 2014, the couple had serious problems and were about to separate, but everything was due to the vineto mess up Silvestre Dangond wearing For him, it was more important liquor, rumba, etc. that even their own family, the reason he decided to move away for a while from the scenarios to understand it His family was a priority and from that moment on Silvestre stopped drinking until he got drunk During the concerts and his family pillar in his life.

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