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adminOctober 30, 2018

After a day of hatred for social networks, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj could have done something even more shocking than a wild uproar: reach a truce. See the peaceful comments that appeared out of nowhere!

Well, that was a surprise twist. Cardi b, 25, yelled Nicki Minaj, 35, with 13 posts on Instagram on October 29, but ended the day with a peaceful note. Nicki, fed up with the drama between her and the rapper "Money" that has intensified since her confrontation in the The Harper's Bazaar ICONOS party on September 7, gave up its shadow by launching the same day. "Ok, guys, let's focus on positive things just from now on," he wrote on Twitter on Monday night. "We're all so blessed, I know this is entertaining and fun for a lot of people, but I will not talk about this nonsense again, thanks for the support and encouragement year after year, I love you. ♥ ️" It's not clear if Nicki's tweet it was for their own welfare or an offering of peace, but Cardi clearly took it as the last!

The singer of "I Like It" published Nicki's tweet on her Instagram with the title, "@Nickiminaj, all right! Let's keep it positive and keep pushing! This publication could well have come from an alternative dimension, because almost there was accumulation or context in the supposed end of their dispute! Cardi spent the afternoon calling Nicki for his supposed "lies", especially insisting on his rival for saying that Love & Hip Hop New York star Rah Ali "Hit her **" on the The Harper's Bazaar match. The list of problems that Cardi had with Nicki continues, as it also went off in the supposed changed verses of "Chun-Li" in "MotorSport" and he boasted of having rejected a deal with the Italian label Diesel, that Nicki pounced instead. The old rapper bit so hard!

Responding to the storm of Instagram of Cardi, Nicki invited his nemesis through Twitter to participate in two activities in his podcast. Queen Radio: a lie detection test and a rap writing battle! And Nicki refused to let it seem like she's getting Cardi's music and fashion offerings. The rapper of "Barbie Dreams" stated that Fashion Nova approached her, with whom Cardi currently works, in an Instagram post The shadow room! She also closed the younger rapper's claim that Small mix I wanted Cardi, and not Nicki, for the group's new song "Woman Like Me". The gang of girls discredited Cardi's claim, which she posted on Instagram on October 29: "We just want to clarify … Nicki approached him first." Ouch!

Well, it looks like Cardi got his wish! In a previous Instagram post, but much more angry, Cardi said: "I'm tired of all the Internet crap **, I'm tired of the interview **". Then he invited Nicki to solve his score in person, did Nicki accept his offer? "If you really want to talk about it, you know where to link, we can always connect. "You know how to get there, we can solve it as you wish," continued Cardi. "We can talk about it, or we can fight against that, I'm good with whatever, but I'm tired and tired of that back-and-forth situation, I will not do it, I'm in a good space right now, let me know what's going on "

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