Hated by the audience for this joke about Jacques Chirac: does it bother you too? (Video)

adminNovember 30, 2018

On Thursday November 29th, Jacques Chirac was 86 years old. Valérie Bénaïm, who replaced Cyril Hanouna at the helm of Do not touch my post, wanted to shout him on the show last night. To do this, she asked the columnists to mimic the former head of state. A small game where Arnaud Ducret got out with a joke, not to everyone's taste.

Having pointed out that he had played the role of Jacques Chirac in the movie "Adieu de Gaulle", the French actor and humorist saw a mouthless teeth. A joke that was immediately booed by the crowd of Touche not on my post. Valérie Benaïm defended Arnaud Ducret by claiming that Jacques Chirac's teeth were not "more than that".

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