Has the 27-piece trailer in the courtyard been transferred? Zerrin's authority is cracking …

adminDecember 30, 2018

Star TV screens published in the 27th episode of the courtyard; Facing the sea, Azra, each time it caused a great destruction of blood pressure, began to rise. In the last part of the courtyard; Zerrin, who prepared the ground for unwanted incidents that took place in prison, thought it was Deniz and began to prosecute her under the carpet. Deniz heard the power and stability of the sea against the blood splash Zerrin challenged to challenge. But it's a point Zerrin can't figure out because he wants to win power in the ocean. Has the 27 episode been published after Zerrin, who intends to be the sole proprietor of dominance and dominance in the prison, has begun to operate and plan his plans to refer the Cushion to another prison, which he sees as one of the greatest the obstacles to this path?


Star TV screens on the gripping and impressive parts of the trailer in section # 27 episode are not yet published …


The game consists of successful players such as Demet Evgar, Ceren Moray, Nursel Köse and Kenan Ece. Star TV screens Thursday 24 January It will be.

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backyard 27 episode trailer

What happened in the last episode of AVLU?

In the last part of the courtyard; The latest move to Azra has greatly disappointed Deniz. Zerrin is in search of new plans to take back the ropes, but he will come back in a way he never expected. The pillow does not take its eyes from Ozge for a moment. A question in her mind … What takes a baby in her stomach with her? While all this happens, Christmas excitement in Öykü slowly increases the entire farm.

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