Has Ekin Koç joined the mine? Will Akın take on Koçovalı's role?

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The TV series izleyici Çukur min, which has become a major part of the audience on television series, has long been the subject of curiosity as the surprise name will bring life to Akın Koçovalı. As is known, Çukur hosted the audience in the mood of the seasonal finale. All of these developments along with Çukurs made a claim to join the player cast Ekin Koç took the agenda. Ok, Akın Koçovalı character will talk to the audience against the requirement that Ekin Koç be transferred to the Çukur series project? Here are the latest developments …

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Show TV screens in the storm of excitement in the long construction in the construction of the pit, but not until now revealed Selim's son Akın Koçovalı learned that the new departments. Last season's finals given to him in finest and Akın Koçovalı character in the audience's mind that caused confusion in the Çukur series from the season reached the information reached. Currently, there is no clear and clear information about the audience on the part of the manufacturer. But the name of the Akın Koçovalı role has been portrayed as the famous actor Ekin Koç, who is the famous actor in the cinema project.


Ekin Koç, who claimed to give life to Akın Koçovalı character in the Çukur series, opened his eyes to life in the Alanya district of Antalya on June 21, 1992. Successful and talented player who completed his primary school in various schools because of his father's job, completed Ekin Koç's upper secondary education at Aldemir Atilla Konuk Anatolian High School in Antalya. Ekin Koç is the son of the banker ikaefika Koç and the tourist concert Vehbi Koç. He continues his university education in Istanbul Bilgi University Department of Business Administration after graduating from high school.

In 2011, actor Ekin Koç, who studies in the Academy 35 Buçuk Art House in Istanbul, also took guitar, tennis, basketball, chess and football lessons. The first time in 2013 on a TV screen you through the front of the camera in the full range of projects I am going to give a secret jockey of the most important figures in the working performance sergilemiştir.türki to horsemanship Halis Karatas was committed as an object of real stories, "us for Champions "found in his film projects annexes; Farah Zeynep Abdullah, Erdem Akakçe, Burak Tamdoğan, Fikret Kuşkan and Serkan Ercan.

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