Has a fake "yellow vest" crawled into the TPMP audience? Cyril Hanouna makes things clear (video)

adminNovember 29, 2018

On the social networks, many Netizens were convinced that Kaina, the 23-year-old student invited by Cyril Hanouna Monday, was actually an actress. In fact, some of the users believed that they recognized a young woman who had won a trip to Brazil in 2013, or even a protagonist in a hidden camera of Baba.

The "Yellow West" also accused the young woman of not defending the interests of the movement in the sequence because it did not ask for the removal of French President Emmanuel Macron. Kaïna responded to L & # 39; Express: "
I did not call Macron's termination because I think it is discussing the movement. We must still go back to the importance of yellow vests, which first protest against the increase in fuel.

Once again invited to TPMP Tuesday to take care, Kaïna denied any connection with the presenter and similarity with the other two young women presented on social networks. Cyril Hanouna was so upset by some media that forwarded the information. "That's tweets like that, I can understand it, but that's what journalists take over … Do your work guys! Cyril Hanouna specifically condemned teleloisirs.com:" This band of idiots made an entire article without refusing rumors and leaves some doubt floating. I have nothing against Télé Loisir's, but more and more, they do everything. Stop putaclicks! "

Baba concluded to confirm her support for the movement: "We try to help and get things done. People come in because they asked us. We were the first to do it and behind the morons saying nonsense, please stop and do your work. "

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