Harvey Weinstein faces another lawsuit.

Actress Paz de la Huerta, best known for her roles on HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" and the romantic drama "A Walk to Remember," filed a lawsuit against Weinstein on Monday, alleging that the dishonored movie mogul raped her in two different occasions.

According to the lawsuit, De la Huerta says that Weinstein offered to take her to his home in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York in October 2010, after they attended the same party. According to reports, Weinstein pressured her to let him into her apartment for a drink, where he raped her.

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At the end of that month, De la Huerta alleges in the lawsuit that Weinstein showed up at his Tribeca apartment and asked to come in to talk, despite his insistence that he was drinking and in no state to talk. Once inside, the actress affirms that she raped her again.

De la Huerta presented these two accusations in November 2017. Weinstein denied any claims of non-consensual sex.

In the lawsuit, however, the actress details another alleged incident between the two that she had not previously reported. In January 2011, De la Huerta said he crossed paths with Weinstein at the Four Seasons hotel near Beverly Hills. According to reports, a hotel concierge brought a note from Weinstein to go to his room and De la Huerta forced himself to tell the producer to stop harassing her.

When she got to her room, the actress said that Weinstein opened the door with an open bathrobe, exposing herself to her. De la Huerta adds that there was a naked woman in the room and Weinstein allegedly asked him to participate in a trio.

"The plaintiff told the defendant Weinstein to stop harassing and harassing her, and quickly left the vicinity of Weinstein's room feeling embarrassed, scared, shocked and humiliated," the lawsuit says. "She noticed that Weinstein seemed angry at his rejection and denunciation."

The Four Seasons Hotel is also listed as a defendant in the lawsuit, accusing the establishment of "encouraging mass sexual assault on their property." The suit quotes Courtney Love's 2005 interview, where she advised the girls: "If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party at the Four Seasons, do not go."

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Harvey Weinstein leaves the Criminal Court of New York on October 11, 2018, after a hearing on his sexual offense case led to the dismissal of a charge against him. (Photo: KENA BETANCUR / AFP / Getty Images)

The lawsuit alleges that Weinstein conspired with Martin Scorsese, director and executive producer of "Boardwalk Empire," to retaliate against her and dismiss Huerta from the program in January 2012. His contract was not renewed after the second season.

"Weinstein warned the plaintiff that any effort to take legal action against him would fail and impel him to interfere with his future success and his career as an actress," the lawsuit states.

USA TODAY contacted Weinstein's attorney to comment.

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