Sinead O & # 39; Connor announces conversion to Islam; The plane carrying Harry and Meghan aborts the landing, flies around; Paraguayan contestant wins, then faints in the beauty contest. (October 26th)

NUKU & ALFA, Tonga – A plane carrying the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex had to abort their landing at the Sydney airport on Friday night and flew because there was another plane on the runway.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan were returning from a visit to Tonga back to Australia, where they began their 16-day tour by four nations when a message from the flight deck announced: "There was a plane on the runway a bit slow to roll , so the decision was made to abort the landing. "

The flight landed safely a few minutes later.

Early Friday, the couple dedicated two forest reserves in Tonga. Harry said that Tonga is leading by example and "deeply understands" the impact of environmental changes because the islands of the archipelago are directly affected.

Harry and his wife Meghan visited Tupou College to do the dedication. The high school was founded in 1866 and is believed to be the oldest in the region. It is the home of the last remaining forest on the main island of Tonga, Tongatapu. The other reservation is on the island of Eua.

"Planting trees and conserving forests helps us in many ways," said Harry. "It's a simple but effective way to restore and repair our environment, clean the air and protect the habitat."

The couple dedicated the two reserves to the Queen & # 39; s Commonwealth Canopy environmental initiative, which began in 2015 and which 42 of the 53 Commonwealth countries signed.

At the beginning of the day, the royal couple visited an exhibition that celebrated Tongan crafts, including traditional rugs and cover fabrics. They also met with political leaders.

Tonga, home to only 106,000 people, is also known as the friendly islands. It was a British protectorate before obtaining independence in 1970 and remains part of the group of Commonwealth nations.

Afterwards, the couple returned to Australia to see the last days of the Invictus Games, which Harry founded in 2014. The games provide injured military and injured personnel with the opportunity to compete in sports such as wheelchair basketball.

After Australia, the couple will end their trip with a four-day visit to New Zealand.


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