Happy with the artists. Yasmin Abdul Aziz erases her picture with her husband. Asma Egyptian controversial

adminNovember 26, 2018

The stars of art are dedicated to sharing with the audience what is happening in their daily lives and their artistic and kinematic works, and participation comes via social networking sites, which makes their followers eager to comment on these posts.

The following lines are monitored "Dawn" A tour through the artist's pages highlighted their pages on Monday.

Yasmin Sabri closes accounts on websites

The artist Yasmin Sabri has mysteriously closed all his accounts on social networks.

Sabri closed her personal accounts on both Twitter and Instagram in silence and suddenly without giving any clear reasons, which constituted controversy among the audience.

The latest activity of Yasmin Sabri, through her account on the "Instagram" website on November 4, published a new picture of the latest filming, which was the subject of the interview with the Arab Bazaar magazine.

Elissa attacks violence against women

Lebanese songs Elissa described the violence against women as a crime against women, which can not be described as masculinity or heroism, and spans all women to talk about the violence they face and break the silence.

"Violence against women is humanity and not heroism. Violence is a crime, and if women are not told and their silence is broken, what's the point, "Elissa said, sitting on her Twitter account.

Yasmin Abdul Aziz delete her photo with her for free

The artist Yasmine Abdelaziz was deleted, the picture she collects with her for free through the famous Instagram photo and video site.

The image that was deleted by "Abdul Aziz" is the only one collected by businessman Mohammed Halawa through the official account of exchange pictures and videos "Instagram".

Same Al Masri makes fun of a sexy tonic for women

Egyptian actress Sama El Masri, the usual social media controversy, raised the question Monday after talking about a woman's sex stimulant and sent a special message to men.

Sama wrote on his profile on the website of the famous image download "Instagram": "Viagra is a woman who can hear her voice in the market?

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