Happiness Today Capricorn Thursday 29.11.2018 At the professional level, the emotional and the healthier .. The previous period is better for you

adminNovember 29, 2018

The seventh day of Capricorn's birth offers astronomers expectations at all levels – the tower, which has a strong personality, adopts and stands for its positions, a person very close to his family, a little funny person, and a famous Capricorn star Ricky Martin.

Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin

Capricorn tower at the professional level:

You can have some stress on your job today. Be calm and not hurry to make decisions or make suggestions. Give yourself rest before presenting ideas and suggestions if this happens and be offered a meeting or job interview.

Stenbuktårnet on the emotional level:

At the emotional level, you can discuss and talk with your partner about things in your life and work together to improve your life span. Even if you are under stress as a result of having a partner, you are worried and feeling angry and angry when you feel stressed.

Tower Capricorn Health:

You may be exposed to bad health due to changing weather. Keep your health and protect it from diseases. Do not change clothes when weather changes.

Astronomers forecast the Capricorn:

Emotional conditions will be better in the coming period and the partner will stand by you and you will reach a stage of luxury later with your partner, and at the professional level things will go as you like.

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