Halsey and G-Eazy break again

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G-Eazy, Halsey, 2018 American Music Awards, 2018 AMAs

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It seems that there is no more "He and I" when it comes to a perpetual couple from time to time Halsey Y G-Eazy

The two musicians revived their romance in or right after the 2018 MTV VMAsand they were seen holding hands after a party. Then they proceeded to travel around the world to each other and package the PDA in multiple locations. Their summer romance, however, seems to have come to an end. A source told E! The news that Halsey and G-Eazy are "currently divided."

The initiate informed E! News: "G-Eazy and Halsey did well until a couple of days ago, when G-Eazy showed up at the Karma International party in Los Angeles on Saturday and was flirting with several girls in public."

According to the source, "G-Eazy was telling everyone that he was single and that he and Halsey are always" from time to time "but that they are currently divided."

While G-Eazy was in Los Angeles, Halsey was in half the world in Tokyo, Japan promoting his new music.

The two have stopped following on Instagram.

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The couple first separated in July after a year together. "Normally I keep this kind of things private, but despite our public nature, I feel I must inform my fans, G-Eazy and I are disarming them," he wrote on Instagram. An insider told E! News at the time the two had their "ups and downs" throughout their relationship.

According to inside information, they were divided because of distance and travel for their careers. Today's source told E! News, "They've been having problems with distance again."

In September, Halsey and G-Eazy sealed their relationship with a kiss on stage in New Jersey. "Make noise for the most beautiful woman on this planet at this moment," he said during the show. "Make some noise for the queen, Halsey."

Right after their kiss, the two spent a day together sunbathing and swimming in a pool. A source told E! News at the time that after their VMA meeting, Halsey and G-Eazy were "working on their relationship".

At the end of September, the then lovers traveled to Italy, where they celebrated Halsey's birthday. The photos on his Instagram showed them kissing in a gondola in Venice and exploring the menu in one of the most famous restaurants in the world, Osteria Fransescana.

On Saturday, G-Eazy praised Halsey in an interview with E! News. "I have been blessed and fortunate enough to enter the studio with many artists that I admire, but it is one of those people who, when you hear their voice live from the booth, hits you right away. said the rapper.

"She is an amazing artist," he told E! News. "She's really inspiring to see the work."

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