Halloween is number 1 at the box office, but A Star Is Born is the true story

adminOctober 28, 2018

"Hunter Killer," starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman, also saw its big release this weekend after the breakdown of Relativity, but few cared.

This weekend provided more of the same at the box office, although that's not a bad thing. With "Halloween", "A Star Is Born" and "Venom" again occupy the first three places, the collections for the period before Halloween increased by one third over last year.


Warner Bros.

The "Halloween" revitalized by Blumhouse looks like a two week wonder with its 58 percent drop. That's the high end for the second weekend of a seasonal launch just before the holidays. It will easily exceed $ 150 million in gross dollars, so it is surpassed only by "Get Out" in Blumhouse.

"A star has been born"

Warner Bros.

Even so, the story of the moment continues to be the continued success of "A Star Is Born". There was no really new competition (the only new release was Lionsgate's "Hunter Killer", which raised less than $ 7 million), and after four weekends at # 2 it will probably give up its space next weekend when three important new titles are opened. No matter; His prize game is just in the schedule. In fact, his gross income exceeds $ 60 million of what "Argo", the last winner of the Best Film of the main studio, obtained at the same time in his career.

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Beyond the favorites, the weekend is often a dumping ground and this year was no exception. "Hunter Killer" is a Gerard Butler vehicle called "Hunt for Red October," which meets "Air Force One," starring Gary Oldman in his first film since winning the Oscar. Actually, it was filmed before "Darkest Hour" and would have been released earlier, but its original distributor, Relativity, lost the movie in a bankruptcy sale. That transition does not condemn a movie (A24 got good results with "The Lobster", which it acquired after another company went under), but it's a disadvantage, especially when it is intended The news reaches the public more than a year later than expected.

It was better than several other new releases. Universal, which already has a worldwide success of $ 100 million with "Johnny English Strikes Again", the third in that series of comedy starring Rowan Atkinson earned $ 1.6 million in a premiere of 540 theaters. It is not a disaster, it also came. Still, more than I could have done in a more competitive weekend.

The matrimonial drama "Indivisible" of the military chaplain based on faith obtained worse score, with just under $ 1.6 million in 830 theaters. But neither can be compared to the approximately $ 150,000 won by "London Fields," based on Martin Amis' well-known crime thriller. He found 600 screens, printed impressively by his distributor. However, he saw an average of less than 30 clients for three days, which is scraping the bottom line.

Photo credit: ERIKA DOSS

Again on the positive side, "The Hate U Give" continues to show strength with a respectable fall of 33 percent. Studies are often called when they release titles that require special handling, but Fox seems to have handled this story of an African-American police shootout with delicacy and nuances. As much as $ 30 million is possible.

"Venom" continues its march to more than $ 200 million with a drop of 40 percent and more than 500 million worldwide. Sony also has the movie n. ° 4, "Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween", with the family holiday season film only 23 percent.

"First Man" continued with its mixed results, with a drop of 40 percent that will hinder the celebration of cinemas. It will raise around $ 50 million, which means it is likely to lose money. Even so, it will have been seen by many or more spectators than many films that compete with prizes.

The expansion of the "Mid90s" of Jonah Hill in just over 1,000 theaters also ranked in the top 10. More analysis on this and other specialized films here.

The ten best

1. Halloween (Universal) Week 2; Last weekend # 1

$ 32,045,000 (-58%) in 3,990 theaters (+62); PTA (per theater average): $ 8,031; Accumulated: $ 126,698,000

2. A star is born (Warner Bros.) Week 4; Last weekend # 2

$ 14,145,000 (-26%) in 3,904 theaters (+20); PTA: $ 3,623; Accumulated: $ 148,722,000

3. Poison (Sony) Week 4; Last weekend # 3

$ 10,800,000 (-40%) in 3,567 theaters (-320); PTA: $ 3,028; Accumulated: $ 187,282,000

4. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (Sony) Week 3; Last weekend # 4

$ 7,500,000 (-23%) in 3,723 theaters (+202); PTA: $ 2,015; Cumulative: $ 38,349.00

5. Hunter Killer (Lionsgate) NEW – Cinemascore: A-; Metacritic: 42; Est. Budget: $ 40 million

$ 6,650,000 in 2,720 theaters; PTA: $ 2,438; Cumulative: $ 6,650,000

6. Hate U Da (20th Century Fox) Week 4; Last weekend # 6

$ 5,100,000 (-%) in 2,375 theaters (+72); PTA: $ 2,147; Cumulative: $ 18,300,000

7. first man (Universal) Week 3; Last weekend # 5

$ 4,935,000 (-41%) in 2,959 theaters (-681); PTA: $ 1,668; Cumulative: $ 37,880,000

8. small foot (Warner Bros.) Week 5; Last weekend # 7

$ 4,750,000 (-28%) in 2,662 theaters (-370); PTA: $ 1,784; Accumulated: $ 72,591,000

9. Night School (Universal) Week 5; Last weekend # 8

$ 3,255,000 (-33%) in 1,991 theaters (-305); PTA: $ 1,635; Accumulated: $ 71,451,000

10. mid-90s (A24) Week 2; Last weekend # 20

$ 3,000,000 (+ 1.062%) in 1,206 theaters (+1,202); PTA: $ 2,488; Cumulative: $ 3,350,000

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