Halloween director reveals his favorite Easter egg in the new movie

adminOctober 21, 2018


When making a movie like 2018. Hallowe'enIt is tempting, and more or less necessary, to refer to the previous history of such a famous franchise. The director and co-author David Gordon Green obviously relied on that practice quite well with the latest film, as references and events are scattered throughout that call to other movies in the franchise. But, what makes him feel most proud is the following dark reference:

While we ourselves had heard a lot of Green, thanks to our time of Eric Eisenberg in the Hallowe'en press day, in this story there is an interesting added detail. That's courtesy of EW sharing the revelation of David Gordon Green that John Carpenter not only noticed the reference to that same song, but that his reaction to improvisation was quite pleasant.

In the scene of 1978 Hallowe'en, we see Laurie walking on the sidewalk, after dropping the key to Myers' house, as she promised her dad. While walking down the street, she sings that impromptu song to herself, and finally we see Michael Myers watching her as she walks away.

This song, which has been the subject of many questions on the Internet, is found next to the masks of Halloween III: Season of the Witch as one of the most memorable, but subtle, references to the past Hallowe'en Canon in the new movie. And now, after years of being a curiosity buried in a classic moment, it's a real song. Although do not go crazy looking for this song yet, since it does not seem that the soundtrack of the new film contains it. Unless, like Shape himself, is hidden from view.

With a potentially record-breaking first weekend, Hallowe'en It feels like he could have some legs on him for the rest of the month. Positive word-of-mouth will not only help keep this movie on everyone's mind, but now the potential Easter egg hunt will likely have devotees and novices looking for potential links to the past.

Hallowe'en It's already in theaters, but if you're looking for more spooky movies this witch season, you can head over to our list of other horror films that were featured this month and plan the rest of your screening. hour.


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