Halloween costumes for the talk show of 2018: Today, GMA, live with Kelly and Ryan

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In a spooky coincidence, the themes of & # 39; GMA & # 39; and & # 39; Today & # 39; They were inspired in the 80s.

Many of the network's morning talk shows reached the spirit of Halloween on Wednesday, with Good morning america, Today Y Live with Kelly and Ryan All celebrating the party with disguised extravagances.

While wearing costumes is an annual tradition in the morning shows of ABC and NBC, in a spooky coincidence, both GMA Y TodayThe themes were inspired in the 80s. Both morning programs also preceded their costume revelations with their hosts interviewed about fashion, film, television and music from the 80s.

But vintage pop culture continued to play an important role in Wednesday's costumes, with hosts avoiding political appearance and real-life costumes as members of the British royal family and Kardashians, who appeared in recent years. In contrast, television and film, specifically the rampant restart trend, was the main inspiration.

Good morning america

In ABC's morning program, the theme was 80's television. With Sam Champion leading what GMA dubbed a "All Access" studio tour in the 80s of the decade's television shows, the GMA the hosts unveiled their costumes one by one in sets designed to look like their respective shows. Robin Roberts disguised as DynastyDominique Deveraux George Stephanopoulos disguised as Family ties& # 39; Alex P. Keaton. Michael Strahan played Mr. T of Team A. And the group was completed by Peg Roby of Amy Robach (Married with children), Captain Stubing by Lara Spencer (The boat of love), Michelangelo by Ginger Zee (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Zack Morris by Rob Marciano (Saved by the Bell).

Paula Faris and TJ Holmes joined Spencer as cruise director, Julie and Isaac, the bartender, respectively.


NBC & # 39; s Today Started the celebration of Halloween with the 80s. Today Show images of the NBC News & # 39; 30 Rock venue. Lester Holt provided the voiceover for the "Today Loves the & # 39; 80s" countdown of the movie and music moments of the decade. Then, after the hosts remembered their looks and favorites of the time, the segment went from images of old movies and music videos to the hosts who represented them in the Rockefeller Center plaza.

Willie Geist did his best Ferris Bueller during a reenactment of the movie's parade scene. Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer played Doc Brown and Marty McFly, respectively, in a Return to the future redux Craig Melvin arrived in a vintage taxi like Eddie Murphy Coming to America character. Jenna Bush Hager and Peter Alexander appeared as characters of Top Gun.

Then, after telling the four main moments of the film, Holt told the five best musical moments: the video "Material Girl" by Madonna (recreated by Kathie Lee Gifford), "Dancing in the Dark" by Bruce Springsteen (Carson Daly) , from Tina Turner (Sheinelle Jones) "Simply the Best", "Cyndi Lauper (Savannah Guthrie)" Girls Just Wanna Have Fun "and Elton John & # 39; s (Hoda Kotb)" I guess that's why they call it the blues ".

Then, all the hosts danced on stage with Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" with the recording of Dreyer & # 39; s Marty through a video camera.

Live with Kelly and Ryan

Live with Kelly and Ryan this year it was with a restart theme, or as they wrote it on Halloween, "ReBOOOOt".

The syndicated morning show combined vintage footage with Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, executive producer Michael Gelman and the executive in charge of Art Moore dressed as characters from beloved and older television shows and, as a complement to the film, Top Gun.

The show opened with images of I dream of jeannie With a new voiceover that transports the series to our days. In today's filming, the "Genie in a Bottle" singer, Christina Aguilera, stumbled onto Jeannie's bottle behind the stage only to see that Jeannie de Ripa and Major Nelson, of Seacrest, were trapped inside. "We got stuck in a restart scam," said Seacrest. He rubbed the bottle and released them, but all the dust made Jeannie sneeze and, when she crossed her arms and lowered her head, her magic turned Seacrest into Jeannie. They both took the stage together, wearing the same suit, and then used their joint magic to turn Gelman and Moore into Jeannies.

Ripa presented the theme for this year's program, which, unlike previous years, did not present guests with costumes for interviews, but instead had star cameos dotted throughout the restart segments.

"We are recovering all the shows and movies that you miss and others do not," he said.

The show then went on to a Entertainment tonight segment on restarts, including news about new (false) revivals: Silver spoons (with Seacrest as Ricky); The ABC comedy by Ripa and Faith Ford. Hope and faith (now Hope, Faith and Charity., with Seacrest as Charity); Sabrina the middle-aged witch (Not to be confused with the new Netflix series Sabrina's chilling adventures), starring Ripa as Sabrina and Seacrest as a Big Salem cat; and even the always elusive friends the fans of the restart have called for, but as the star Jennifer Aniston has joked about a modern version of the series, this time all the characters look at their phones instead of interacting with each other.

They also broadcast extended segments on auditions for a fake the torrent of Dawson reboot, but in the version of Kelly and Ryan, Jensen Ackles and Busy Philipps, who had roles in the final seasons of the series, took the lead roles in the new series. Ripa auditioned for the role of Michelle Williams before knowing the fate of his character and Seacrest auditioned for Dawson.

There was also a false look behind the scenes in Brothers of property Stars Drew and Jonathan Scott auditioned to play Michelle Tanner in Fuller House, complete with a cameo of the real John Stamos and a clip of a Saved by the Bell Restart with Ripa as Kelly (naturally), Seacrest as Zack, Moore as Screech and Gelman as Slater. Jessie was portrayed by a lifeless figure whose head wearing a curly wig rested on the table in the Max. While some of the characters thought Jessie was dead, Kelly said she spent the entire night studying for a test and warned her not to take caffeine pills, referring to one of the best-known episodes of the show.

That bit also marked the second time on Wednesday morning that Zack Morris made an appearance, with Rob Marciano of ABC dressing like him in GMA earlier.

Other television programs that received the restart treatment in Live included I love Lucy (with Ripa as Lucy, her husband in real life, Mark Consuelos, as Ricky and Seacrest as his son), Laverne and Shirley Y All my kids (with the appearances of Consuelos, Susan Lucci and student Sarah Michelle Gellar).

The show also made a American Horror Story-Brady Bunch mashup, with Kelly playing all the female members of the Brady family mix, including the mother, who marries Rubber Man from the Murder House facility, and Seacrest playing Brady's children.

Live They also took Blossom, Punky Brewster and Little wonderThe robot Vicky and made them characters in a new version of Law, with Vicky as traffic police and Blossom (Moore) interrogating Joey, represented by the old images of Joey Lawrence in the program, delivering his slogan "whoa".

Ripa and Seacrest finished the show in their final suits: Farrah Fawcett & # 39; s Charlie's Angels The character and Jon Baker of Larry Wilcox's French fries, respectively.

The view

In abc The view, the hosts disguised as their own fierce characters. Meghan McCain took the stage as Elsa de Frozen.

The voice-over that presented her said, "She's been called a legendary ice queen whose blood is cooling, but enough about Meghan, because she's dressed like Elsa this year."

McCain, who took off the crown in her initial costume to reveal a bright light blue dress, said her costume was inspired by the nickname "gossip pages" gave her when she joined the show.

"It's okay to be an ice queen because it means you're strong and strong," he said.

Sunny Hostin disguised as General Okoye of Black Panther.

Joy Behar was one of the few hostesses who became politicians, delivering her version of Arnold Schwarzenegger & # 39; s Terminator, as Mid-Terminator. The voice-over that presented her explained, complete with an impression of Schwarzenegger, "She is a sarcastic cyborg who traveled back in time from a horrible future to make sure the Democrats return home next week."

Behar arrived on a motorcycle with a leather jacket that read "Vote or more" on the back.

Whoopi Goldberg, on the other hand, dressed as Vampirin from the animated Disney television show of the same name, which he explained is one of his great-granddaughter's favorites.

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