Halloween Costume 2018 by Ellen DeGeneres parodied & # 39; The Bachelor & # 39 ;, along with a surprise guest – VIDEO

adminOctober 31, 2018

Think you've seen the presentations of contestants more worthy of cringe Single Nation has to offer? That could be true, although Ellen DeGeneres Single The Halloween costume, and the hilariously clever parody sketch that accompanied it, simply threw another into the mix. Wondering what the hell DeGeneres has with one of the most dramatic series of television shows? Single Fans who appreciate a comedy review of the popular reality show will probably want to watch the latest episode of The show by Ellen DeGeneres, which aired on Wednesday, October 31.

So, in honor of Halloween, DeGeneres introduced herself as Mrs. Kelllly D. (yes, that's four ls, to distinguish herself from the "other six Kellys in the program"), dental assistant raised in New Jersey and nightmare. Single Hope to start. Even the most knowledgeable residents of Single Nation will not recognize "Kelly with four l & # 39; s" from DeGeneres of the long series ABC reality or any of its various side effects. Why? Well, to put it simply, "Kelllly D." never really appeared in the Single DeGeneres totally invented it.

"My name is Kelllly, with four ls because there are six other Kellys in the program, so this season you can call me Kelllly D. But that's not my initial, as in the size of the breasts," said the host, after Get out of a black SUV parked in the center of the stage. Do you ring any bell? Those who have been looking Single participants start their respective journeys to love with a limousine exit on stage (quickly followed by a semi-uncomfortable lift tone, obviously) they know that DeGeneres stupid interpretation was right.

So, without further ado, let's get to know each other, okay? With a bright silver dress, long down to the floor and a blonde peroxide wig, the talk show host gave the audience a space for their own elevator. Suffice it to say that, from a viewer's perspective, DeGeneres' hysterical Halloween segment feels like a crossover between the night and one of the Single and some kind of Saturday night live Sketch.

After billing the segment as "the most dramatic and drunken episode of The Bachelor" (A great talk, given the notorious inclination of the program for the drama induced by alcohol), DeGeneres said:

"Listen, ladies, I did not come to make friends and I did not make toast, I came for two things: for a man and for drinking tequila, and I've run out of tequila."

How is it going that for an introduction? After explaining the difference between a dental assistant and a dental hygienist, Kelllly D. finally met his man. And, seriously, as if. DeGeneres Halloween Segment It was no longer full of funny treats, guess who came out as a bachelor? In a really wonderful twist of the plot, it was Milo Ventimiglia, also known as Jack Pearson of We are.

Most Ventimiglia fans are aware that the famous realistic actor may be the least viable candidate for a role in The Bachelor. Which is probably a big part of why his cameo was so absurd, so sweet … and seriously, so much fun. "You look like that guy from that show!" Kelllly told her at her "first" meeting, a later trip to the limousine.

After adding that the program "makes me cry", the character of DeGeneres got down to work. Ostensibly mocking the uncomfortable exchanges for the first time between contestants and singles, he told Ventimiglia:

"My name is Kelllly D., but you can call me anytime I'm a dental assistant, do you want me to inspect your mouth with your tongue?"

Single and Halloween enthusiasts will only have to watch the fun performances of DeGeneres and Ventimiglia, respectively, to discover how Kelllly D's love search eventually developed. But for anyone familiar with the Single franchise, here's a clue: come the Ellen show end of the segment, Kelllly is back in the Single limousine And although she promised herself that she would not cry, her mask is everywhere.

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