Half Spanish assures that Shakira had romance with Cerati

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Recently it was the scandal that Shakira lived a forbidden romance with the latest leader of Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, with whom he had a close friendship and did not hide the admiration he felt for him.

The portal Diario Gol de España published that near sources ensured that the Colombian singer could have lived a secret love with Gustavo Cerati, since they had long had a close friendship that could have been transformed into love. In fact, they say that with Piqué she was never as excited as she was Cerati.

In an interview a few years ago, Shakira stated about Cerati:

I had so much time with him, sometimes we came together to talk to each other. He was a person who trusted me a lot. I think he considered me his friend, I remember laughing a lot together; We also had moments of great depth, conversations about existential problems.

Also at a concert he said:

This song goes to all of us who have ever had a difficult time. No matter how bad things look, there is light on the end of the road. I want to dedicate it to my good friend Gustavo Cerati. "

Shakira dedicated a prologue to Cerati

After the death of Cerati, Colombian shared a fragment of the progression she made for a biographical book by the Argentine. The Colombian published in her Twitter account an emotional fragment of the program that she wrote for the book "Cerati a primera persona", from Maitena Aboitiz, which was sold in 2013.

In the complete text Colombian tells that she has lived and worked with the rock idol, which she met a little deeper during a trip they made as friends to the Aegean after a presentation in Turkey.

From that journey, Shakira keeps good memories, and he says he knew he was always a navigator. Another great revelation contained in that program is the existence of a "glossary" as Cerati He brought with him since his youth, and that Shakira could see one of the meetings he had with him in his home in the Bahamas.

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