Hailey Baldwin says husband Justin Bieber is amazing

adminOctober 16, 2018

Hailey Baldwin secretly married her husband Justin Bieber in September and still feels the happiness of the newlyweds. In a new interview with Harper's bazaar, Baldwin spoke about married life and how she remains focused on the center of attention.

"It's amazing," said Baldwin, 21, in the new issue. "He crushes everything, every song, every characteristic, it's crazy to see what he's doing, I'm always impressed."

Bieber, 24, is taking a break by releasing new music to focus on his new wife, and she is trying to stay focused despite the craziness that surrounds her.

"Over the past year, I was given more attention than I've had in my life," she said, and said that she is taking the time to concentrate on herself to recharge herself. "It's easy not to think about your mental health or your physical health because you keep pushing, pushing, pushing … Before this year, I was not swinging anything."

While some celebrity couples solidify their love through tattoos (she has BFF tattoos with Kendall Jenner and her cousin Ireland Baldwin), she does not rush to get ink related to Bieber.

"I want more, but I'm keeping room for my children's names and certain sentimental things, and I do not want to fill all the nice places before … getting there," he says of his tattoo collection.

Baldwin appears in the "Bold" issue of the magazine, where, appropriately, he models a selection of "daring" outfits in unusual places. From a small piece of slippers at the supermarket (maybe a nod to Bieber's love for wearing hotel slippers in public?), A one-piece Fendi logo and a bucket hat on a food counter, their costumes They are unique, like His personal style.

"I'm obsessed with big, heavy leather jackets," she shares about her Tomboy-inspired style. "One of my favorites is a Balenciaga piece for men, I always thought there was something really funny about a skinny girl dressed as a child, I love dresses with sneakers."

Harper's Bazaar & # 39;The November issue arrives at the kiosks on October 23.

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