GZSZ preview, spoilers and reactions: Is Sunny (Valentina Pahde) dying New Year's Eve serial death?

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It was again a year of ups and downs in "good times, bad times".

And then, the franchise series 6666 series on Friday night, of course, has something special to come up with.

GZSZ beauty reveals what she has on New Year's Eve (read more here).

Does the New Year Begin with a Death in the Kolle Area?

Because Sunny (Valentina Pahde) is fighting for his life on New Year's Eve. In the drug rush, the blonde throws into the icy spree and threatens to drown.


Is Sunny (Valentina Pahde) dying serial death?

Shared spectator actions on the GZSZ anniversary series

The display responses to the 6666 episode are shared. While some fans have been expecting the devil to reproduce the guest's appearance and speculate on occult hints, others are only disappointed.

Others, however, found it exciting and could hardly wait for the resolution.

Will you help someone and save them from death?

GZSZ: Sunny had a turbulent year

We remember: The year didn't go well for Sunny. She had to save her grandfather Jo Gerner (Wolfgang Bahro) from death, separated from Chris, performing a spectacular hunt with Sascha Keller (Aaron Thiesse) and her studies were also no success.

To forget all the grief, Sunny on New Year's Eve sees only one way out and tried the party's drug experiment.

She finally pulls her out of the walls of Spree and falls into the water – her friends don't notice she's gone and celebrating the turn of the year in the popular neighborhood disco.


In the drug rush, blonde falls into the water.

Attention, spoiler: Does Sunny survive the jump in Spree?

At this point, read no further if you do not want to know what is happening in the episode Monday (31.12.).

Nihat (Timur Ülker) hears the call for help from Sunny and is going to help her, pulling her out of the water.


Is sunny in Spree?

However, it is unclear whether she survives.

Even the brave Nihat can be in deadly danger in the dramatic rescue …


Nihat (Timur Ülker) will help Sunny later.


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