GZSZ Felix von Jascheroff defends himself against body-shaming!

adminJanuary 9, 2019

As an actor in Germany's most famous Daily GZSZ, Felix von Jascheroff (36) presents daily to millions of audiences. As such, you must have a thick layer, because of course public criticism from the fans and spectators is not enough. Because they discover every little change. Over the past few months, the serial hottie has made negative comments about his character – but they leave them completely cold!

"I keep reading in some comments"Felix& # 39; You have become fat! & # 39; or "full of pummels", etc. Do you always look "perfect"? Or be like everyone else? I don't think so, writes the 36-year-old in a post Instagram and defend themselves against the sensitive subject of body shame. As the actor admits, he must also handle the kilos every now and then, but this is not a problem for him. "Everyone is unique and responsible for themselves, no matter if you spend a few pounds more on the ribs or too little, as long as you feel good, it's just right", add Felix to his words.

With his post, the John Bachmann actor sends the message that no one is ashamed of his appearance and thus an exemplary model for his fans! "You are one of the most attractive and hottest men out there", is just one of the consistently positive comments under honest statements.

Felix von Jascheroff, actressInstagram / felixvjascheroffPhotos Gallery Button
Felix von Jascheroff, actress
Felix von Jascheroff plays John Bachmann at GZSZMG RTL D / Sebastian Geyer

Felix von Jascheroff plays John Bachmann at GZSZ
Felix von Jascheroff with new hairstyleInstagram / felixvjascheroff

Felix von Jascheroff with new hairstyle

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