Gülriz Sururi donates 5-story building to the Nesin Foundation

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Gülriz Sururi and Engin Cezzar donated their own 5-story building to the Nesin Foundation for building culture and art houses.

Ali Nesin, who announced the news of the Nesin Foundation account, used "We gave a new direction to our lives for donations made by Gülriz Sururi and Engin Cezzar.

Ali Nesin used the following terms in his share:

Ears My dear friends, Gülriz Sururi and Engin Cezzar, whom I have admired since childhood, left the five-storey building in Gümüşsuyu, where they lived in an apartment, for the Nesin Foundation to build a culture and an art house. So they gave our life a new direction. I remember them with gratitude, love and respect. kend

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