Guide to Parisian style dress

adminDecember 28, 2018

Guide to dress like a real Parisian

Nine shows you the right pieces to build sophisticated looks.

The classic picture on the Eiffel Tower.

"You don't have to be French to be a Parisian," says Karl Lagerfeld. Moteguru knows better than anyone what he is talking about, because even though he was born in Hamburg, Germany, he has been in charge of Chanel since 1983.

Today, the French woman is an icon of style around the world, mainly by her way of being and how it is. In fact, there is a lot that is so, and it all started with Coco Chanel. Born August 19, 1883, she revolutionized women's trends and became a landmark in the fashion world.

Coco Chanel with the classic scarf around her neck.

A woman far ahead of her own time, Coco began by creating, in 1909, a business. She opened a hat trade in Paris with her sister sister and through the funding of a boyfriend, the wealthy industrialist Etienne Balsan.

In 1919, Chanel Modes, number 31 Rue Cambon, still opened a Chanel store. It was then that the French became the preferred stylist among the most famous actors of the time. Today, it's still an icon, with the most famous creations to be eternalized, like the math wallet with the chain-shaped handles.

Known as one of the great fashion capitals, breathing Paris sophisticated every day. Whether it's the Eiffel Tower, the La Fayette Galleries or even the metro stations, the women seem to be parading in the morning, afternoon or evening.

There is nothing in between, most of the time they are just on their way to work. But the elegance they present themselves, the exquisite touch they give to every look, has long been created a style: the Parisian. And this is where we come back to the beginning of the article when we quote Lagerfeld.

The German shows each collection that knows how to hold French heritage and is proof that any woman, regardless of the part of the world where she lives, can be Parisian. Just use the motto "less is more" in makeup, wear the right clothes and accessories.

NiT has created a selection of parts to use if you want to follow this style. Click on the image to know them.

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