Grup Gündoğarken sang songs in prison this time

adminDecember 31, 2018

Members of the group Gündoğarken Burhan eşen, Gökhan eşen, Murat Güner and Burhanşeşen's wife Gizem Şeşen and daughter Dilhan Şeşen visited Maltepe's children and youth law on the previous day. Group Gündoğarken who performed in New Year's entertainment in prison, with children and adolescents between 12-18 years, üz Rüzgar değişen, değişen Mustafa arasında, and Abim Geldi from Ankara and sang songs as loved ones. Burhan Şeşen stated that he wanted the new year to bring health and happiness to everyone first and said edi We are very happy to be with you today. We come out whenever you want. We promise, said Söz.

Grup Gündoğarken sang songs in prison this time

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Providing information about prison conditions from the administration got the Gündoğarken members to a wooden box with their own hands.

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