Greeicy Rendón sent an emotional Christmas message to Mike Bahía

adminDecember 28, 2018

The artists Greeicy Rendón and Mike Bay They are one of the most beloved couples for Colombians. This time, Cali made all the fans sigh with the romantic message she dedicated to her boyfriend, about the close to New Year's party.

Through his Instagram account, Greeicy shared a photo and reminded Mike Why is life your love.

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"This year I learned that the best business you can do is Find a life partner… a partner, accomplice, friend, "he wrote.

In addition, he thanked them for their unconditional support and trust that allowed them, as well as being a couple, the best friends and lovers.

"Someone who is different from you, someone who is as free as you, someone with whom you feel their stability, no matter how you look it, does NOT work on yours that is on HIM … but it makes you feel that when you are at his side … YOU SUM AND THAT. I feel that way. At the same time, NEVER is better CEVIVO ♥ ", he added.

2018, a year of musical success

The artist launched the music video of his song & # 39; Lovers & # 39;, the first one they put together, single that was ranked number one in various digital platforms in Colombia.

Also at the end of this year they surprised & # 39; Tonight & # 39;, simple in response, in addition to Colombia, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador thanks to its new musical proposal that integrates bachata with urban sounds.

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