Great answer to upcoming Buju Banton concert in Barbados

adminDecember 27, 2018

By Anesta Henry

Tickets for April 27, 2019 The Buju Banton concert in Barbados, has sold as "hot cakes", show promoter Al Gilkes, director of Fas7Star, has revealed.

While keeping the details of the concert called Long way to freedom, near his chest, Gilkes, members of the media today said that the upcoming show slated for Kensington Oval has not only attracted local support but worldwide interest.

He said Barbados's tourism sector was in line for a big boost, with a large number of fans from the region and beyond expecting to attend the show.

"Before there was any mention that Buju came to Barbados, people called and asked when there were tickets for sale. So we decided well, jumped the gun and put some tickets for sale online. We launched the flyer, it was mainly on social Media, and we put tickets on sale online, and they began to disappear like the traditional hot cakes.The first day we sold over 300 tickets, which was incredible.

"Even though we knew Buju's appeal now, there was something unparalleled, that four months plus before a show on the first day, just online, you could sell over 300 plus tickets. So we decided to open "The boxes locally and the same thing happened. People just reacted. It looks like based on this preliminary answer and the need to get tickets, we will get a monster show on our hands," Gilkes says.

Gilkes noted that although Banton is expected to perform in Trinidad the week before coming here, he believes Barbados will pull the audience.

"I think even Trinidadians would prefer to come to Barbados and see the show here in peace and comfort," he said.

"It would be a great foreign growth for Barbados. Our regular reggae shows and Hennessy Artistry bring in people from all over the world. One hundred here, ten here, we bring people from Australia and Japan, the United States and other parts of the region.[[[[Buju Banton show]have an appeal beyond anything we have ever arranged. The only thing I think would have liked this in appeal would have been Rihanna in barbados

"At the time, Rihanna was already seen all over the world as you came to Barbados to see Rihanna was an opportunity to get to a tropical island for a vacation or weekend as opposed to seeing a person you may not see in your country, as you have expected to see for all these years, in any country . It's not that he's going to be here a year after he's back in the market but within months. In fact, he is in Jamaica first, then he goes to the Bahamas, then Trinidad and Barbados, so we'll be the fourth show he does, "Gilkes added.

The promoter said that more information about the concert would be released in the near future.

Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, was released from the McRae Correctional Center in Georgia on December 8 after serving a nearly 10-year conspiracy belief in owning and distributing cocaine.

Since coming back, he announced that his Long way to freedom The tour starts on March 16, 2019 in his home country. (AH)

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