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Helene Fischer is professional. She knows how to start a show properly. In the beginning she sings exceedingly great. First, take the mood in the cabin. She makes it clear that she will not look up in the next three hours. Full operation is her motto. No one should leave the exhibition hall in Düsseldorf and not be impressed by this annual show program of the German Schlager figure.

With "Atemlos" Fischer puts out and storms straight out onto the catwalk, in the middle of the hall. This is followed by a potpourri of his power hits, full of Ohohos, these sing-along incentives of Merkfaule. She delivers this reliable Discofox bass drum beat, which signals to people that they are immune to surprises, at least during each song. "There is a roller coaster in my head," Fischer sings. Stop Case Lyrics.

This will be presented at SRF, ZDF and ORF on the first Christmas holiday in lavishly inflated top model aesthetics with lots of pyro-movements. Explosions here, firewalls there. It goes fast, no hangers allowed. A windmill nicely searched the full-haired hair of the protagonist, and a flyer with staggering speed through the Spider Cam hall visually makes it clear that as a television series, this is pursued from a higher perspective.

Here is paid with very large coins, and technically all registers are registered. No comparison with entire Schlager simulating stamping shows, currently spreading in third programs with furniture store charm.

"I would never fall in love"

After a good half hour, La Fischer has already rattled half of the list of the biggest guest stars of Eros Ramazzotti to Luis Fonsi, then comes a song that of course resembles a statement to the new man by her side. "I would never fall in love again," she sings, and of course this is taken as the first statement, one that one can wonder if Florian Silbereisen, her abandoned partner, will hurt. There will be even more such moments, and one can wonder if this is a reference to the recently known separation of the so-called dream couple or not.

No doubt, here is consistently set to overdose. The diet was yesterday. More light effects and more effects can only be admired at the Eurovision Song Contest. Helene Fischer is just behind this scale, she is almost the only female ESC, who always makes the TV station happy for Christmas. It's the eighth Eurovision show, she says, against the audience in Austria and Switzerland.

Soon, she sings "Who's Flawless?" And of course it is a rhetorical question, for the answer is certainly Helene Fischer. "I'm very excited," she says, but you don't feel it. Everything goes too smoothly over your lips. If perfection has a name, Helene is Fischer. She is clearly Miss Perfect in the German show and hit on business. With her is the freedom program.

Helene Fischer does everything. Versatility can be her other name She sings, dances, she does gymnastics, she is enchanted, she gives everything. Always. But despite all the precision, there is always some coolness in the presentation, a kind of emotional cleanroom experience that gives the impression that one can also produce semiconductors for an exhausting dance number in the armpits.

Here is nothing dirty, here is the highest claim

This is several times remarkable from a sporting point of view. She spins with dancers amazingly over the stage. And then shimmy on the trapeze between rising dinosaurs through the air. Previously, the Olympic motto was "faster, higher, farther", today it would be called "Helene Fischer Show".

Alone, when dancing, it is often more like rhythmic gymnastics than a sharp motion on the slippery floor, especially in the Fischer-Ballett's large marches. It lacks something that probably something, a second level, the decisive sweat case, which sleepers doubt whether everything will go smoothly. This is what you need if you do not want to burn all your talent in the Teflon Pop category. Convenient, washable, reusable. Here is nothing dirty, here is the highest claim.

"How to separate"

In addition, the show does not follow any special dramaturgy. She simply has a few feelings for feeling so long, even the very last viewer, exhausted by breath, sinks back into her seat. Fischer trolls the duet with everyone who is not on the tree, from Ramazzotti to Maite Kelly to Florian David Fitz. On the theme "How to Separate" she plays a half-humped sketch with Olaf Schubert, which is about as fun as a root canal treatment without anesthesia. And then, someday, she'll be on stage with Luis Fonsi, singing "Despacito", the world's million dollar hit. She dances with Fonsi, she plays sexy, but more than canteen erotic will not occur there.

But above all, the show shows breathless cuts between the individual numbers, which looks very unloving, because Fischer's costumes on the screen in seconds work, so faster than a real person will be able to change clothes. Of course, you know that such a big show has its efforts, that it needs breaks, which do not fit in a pre-cut television program, because it would take until late in the evening for the three-hour program.

But a good show also lives on a certain inner logic, a feeling that something was arranged harmoniously. But this consistency is lost when things happen that cannot happen in the normal sense of the word. There is only a slight negligence every time, but at all they give the impression that the director has disappeared.

Helene Fischer sings a duet with actor Kiefer Sutherland on the finish line and says "My dear" for a hundred times. Then she goes better and brings Paola Felix to the stage, with whom she also "Blue Bayou". Then she tells Paola that she likes her so much, and Paola says that Fischer is the firm star in the show heaven. What you have to say in front of an audience of millions.

"Just with you", Fischer finally sings to the finals, again one of the many alliances. Sparkling rain and spectators wave balloons. After three hours and eight minutes, it's done. Then everyone is finished. Just one not. Helene Fischer still looks like she will get started now. Grace.
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