Goucha had this Christmas "the best gift ever" next to her husband – a television

adminDecember 28, 2018

Manuel Luís Goucha celebrated 64 years last Christmas Day. To celebrate the dual celebration, the TVI host visited with his husband, Rui Oliveira, the house where Charlie Chaplin lived for the last 25 years of his life in the Corsier-sur-Vevey region of Switzerland.

The news was transferred to the fans of Queluz de Baixo's own professional in a text published on his personal blog, "Cabaré do Goucha", and where he added several photographs that help to eject the moment: "For me, I love Christmas and all its magic , although they are the ones who think otherwise (go find out why!), this was the best birthday present you could have. "

"I was delirious with Charlot, Charles Chaplin's greatest creation, to the point of wanting to know all about who had that tern and" end "character, who looked more like Dickens universe. Therefore, I grew to follow everything he did as actor, author, director and I now know a composer, "wrote the presenter, and thus expressed how much the tab was and continues to be the one that became a cinema icon.

Even of curiosity, Manuel Luís Goucha also remembered that the visit to the house, which became a museum from 2016, just happened 41 years after Charlie Chaplin's death, which happened on December 25, 1977. "Chaplin hated Christmas, was his own daughter Geraldine who told me when I talked to her 25 years ago … however, the family did not let him ruin the party … that evening in 1977. Chaplin wanted irony on Christmas Eve, he said.

Here are some pictures of Manuel Luís Goucha at Charlie Chaplin's house:

Pictures: "The Cabaret of Goucha" Blog

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